Hi! I am Nav Scheie. Some people call me "High Vibes Coach"

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What do I do? 

Good Question.

I started as a Career Coach and that turned into Mindset and Emotional Fitness Coach and now I am indulging myself in a Leadership position in my DoTerra Essential Oil Business. 

How does this help YOU? Check out the video below.


Who do I serve?

1) Millenial Men and Women (Ages 25-35) who are struggling with career or being themselves.
2) Your life is mostly in order but there are great imbalances in your CAREER life. Its all you think about and its all you think about and its taken over your life! 
3) Making a fat paychq just isn't cutting it! It has left you longing for fulfillment and excitement in your career.
You now are ready to do whatever it takes to get career clarity and do the work you are here to do! Lets unveil what that is and LETS GET YOUR BUTTS IN THAT JOB AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!  

You are my ideal client if you:

1) Are Driven/Go-Getter - You take action FAST and FASTER.

2) Spiritual Beliefs

3) Currently working in a professional job

4) Invested in your Personal Growth 



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Who can benefit from coaching? What can you expect from coaching? What kind of clients do I work with?

I'm excited to tell you - just click on my video for the answers!