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Low Mind, High Morality - My fav concept of living life

Maan neeva maat uchi (Punjabiਮਨ ਨੀਵਾਂ ਮੱਤ ਉੱਚੀ) is a quotation from the third part of the Sikh Ardas.

This phrase underlines an underlying and highly important concept in Sikhism; the first term "Maan Neeva" literally means "mind low" and highlights the concept of living ones life in humility and a Sikh must discard his or her ego and live a life of humbleness without vanity and snobbishness.

The second term "Maat Uchi" means "morality high"; this second term highlights the concept of living a life which adheres to high moral values and high spiritual principles. So here, the Sikh is asked to live a life of high moral standards with discipline, self-control and virtues endowed; refraining from lowly deeds and keeping away from sinful actions and thoughts.

The above is a language quoted from

I wanted to write about this today because when we are looking for a way to live life of truth, sometimes we don't know who to turn to for that advice

I know in my family, not a lot of people live in this manner so examples are far and few

For me, I have been looking for a path for a while, and have found it in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 

Everyday, I learn something new and write about it here - because it literally gets written on my consciousness

Then I trust that anyone who needs to hear these messages will hear it somehow

Everyday, I will have the opportunity to make a choice from a space of "High Morality" and not from my lowly mind.

Our conscious minds, that make about 3% of the decisions daily cannot make higher level choices unless we direct it to.

The other 97% of the decision making comes from the subconscious mind - things like digestion, breathing - happens without our conscious decision making

After all, we, the consciousness is in control

Because we (the consciousness) are in control, we need to direct our minds on how to act

That's where the above knowledge comes in handy.

Lets keep our minds desires low and keep morality high



Tapping into the "FLOW"

Being in FLOW means tapping into an energy when I am thinking about possibilitie

Where I can do anything

Where fear is not present

Only Faith is

Where I get a lot of ideas

And have the energy to act on those too

Where by body feels light

And energized at the same time

Where I can smile

Truly be content, satisfied


Ask yourself, when did you feel this way last time?

And what were you doing at the time that it created a "FLOW" feeling?

Ask yourself.

Then write, let ideas flow

Then committ to generating at least this feeling once in a day

Where pure contentment, satisfaction is there

for you to experience

to have

and to be with

Till next time, stay in FLOW.




The positive side of struggling

Struggle - make one's way with difficulty/have difficulty handling or coping with/engage in conflict

The above is the definition from

Every one has struggled at one point or the other

It is often through struggles, we know our real worth

If we have a commitment to make things work, then no matter the struggles, we need to stick through it

The positive side of struggling is that we have to become a different person in order to deal with it

Struggle and still carry on with the faith that I will make it through

Leaders become out of struggle

When I think of the word struggle, few leaders pop into my mind

Les Brown, one of the very famous motivational speaker comes to mind. I heard about his story once. He talked about he committed he was to his art of public speaking and business building that he had to sleep in his office on days end because he had no where to live. 

He took shower at the office showers (facility you use after using an onsite company gym) for weeks before someone reported him to security

Another person that comes to mind from my own family is my grandma. She was widowed at 20 years old with 5 kids. She had no education, no real skill set to raise a family of 5. But somehow she made it through and lived to be 80 years old.

She did it, and Les Brown did it too.

So can we.

We just have to hold on to this belief that "I must never give up"

I must hold on to the faith instead and say "I will make it through" or "I will figure out a way"

Because if we quit on the struggle, we quit on ourselves

Then we will never really know what would have happened if I would have kept up with it

Because we never really let the struggle show us what we are made up of!

You now naturally know and are aware of the unlimited potential that lies in front of you to start experiencing who you really are.



How do deal with the nasty feeling of Jealousy?

Jealousy is a feeling

It makes you feel bad

Like you are not enough, you dont know enough, you dont have enough

basically lack mentality

It makes you forget what is good and great about your life

and Instead you "zoom in" on only what really sucks in your life

and all your energy goes into "counting other people's blessings" and comparing it to "what sucks in your life"

Jealousy is just that - a thought process where you forget about the good in your life and starts "zooming in" on the parts of other people

We have all been jealous, I certainly have been

Especially when I am scrolling through Facebook

I was today

Therefore I am writing about it, to remind myself

Then I pulled out my journal and took a moment to write about what I am grateful for?

I wrote 20 things

Then I went for a walk with my puppy and my lovely hubby

Then I thought about how I get to work from home

Then I thought about how beautiful the weather is today

My family, friends who care so much about me.

And life seemed rosy again

All is well. and It was always well.

Stay Rosy <3

Till Next Time




How to deal with people who are rude/have done some wrong?

Have you ever experienced hating someone?

Have you ever thought why "that person" is such a b*tch?

I know, I have been there.

Many times.

I learned a lesson in Gurbani about "Compassion" today and It said that no one is as bad as me. 

I am the bad one

It makes me think every time I think of someone being harsh or rude and me not liking that quality is actually because I have also been harsh and rude to someone else

So, no one is as bad as me

I can only call someone bad and call it wrong, if I have never done it.


Compassion for self wins

Compassion for other wins too

It starts with looking at our own actions, our own nature and then showing compassion to ourselves.

If I take a look within, I will find those characteristics within me

I perceive other people through my own glasses, What I see in others is through the glasses I am wearing

What I say about others isn't the truth

What I say about others is how I perceive it

And how I perceive it - through my own judgement of my own character.

I can't throw rocks at the person who has done wrong especially I myself have done it also





Who is in control?

There is a line in Shri Guru Grant Shaib Ji - "Hukame under sabko, bahar humak na koy". This means everything is happening under his command. 

Who is the "he" here? He is referred to the divine/universe/God.

We don't need to worry over anything because what is happening in our life is not in our control at all. 

It relaxes you, doesn't it?

it also means "Everything is happening for you, NOT TO YOU."

If everything in life, good, bad, ugly is happening FOR ME, How will I act in life today?

If what is happening for me in my life in my control, then why am I sweating the small, big and rough stuff.

What I need to do is surrender and accept 

Because wise people know happiness is in surrendering, not being control freaks.

Try it for a day, what do you have to loose?

xo Nav

How to deal with Indecision?

We all from time to time have probably have had to make decisions. Some big decisions, like really big. Some small, and some medium sized.

When decisions are really big, like they would create a big impact to our life or other people in our lives - so those are the ones we take the most time to decide on. Isn't this the case?

These big decisions ask us to change ourselves, our thinking in the most profound ways.

Small decisions dont require much from us. Decisions like which store to get groceries from. As long as we have money in our wallets, we can go to any store and get groceries.

But big decisions like the one I am facing requires a lot more thought and consideration.   My desire to becoming Amritdhari as a Sikh (Can learn more from Basics of Sikhi Youtube channel) is big because it will impact the way I look, change my lifestyle on a diet level, it will possibly change who I hang out with, my relationship with my hubby bec my looks will change, wondering how my in-laws will react to this personal change. Lets just say, it will change me at a "I am" identity level.

I do want the effects of this change though. So I am stuck. Stuck in this indecision. 

Being an NLP Practitioner,  I know how I can tap into my "subconscious mind" to get an answer about what I really desire. My conscious mind won't make a decision for me. It is too fearful and just wants to stay in indecision. So I have tapped into the Subconscious mind. And it gave me a clear answer. It was so profound because it gave me an emotional response of tears of gratitude. My subconscious mind told me what to do but........ I am still afraid.

Afraid of rejection. Afraid of non-acceptance. Afraid of Failing. Afraid of making a mistake.

I have decided that I have mulled over this indecision long enough. Now, the pain of indecision is WAY more than the potential pain of making 1 choice or the other. 

I have decided on a personal level to do what my subconscious mind is telling me to do. It  feels exciting but then, even as I write this, I am doubtful and afraid.

I can recall someone wise told me once, "No decision is good or bad, its just a decision". It takes the pressure off doesn't it? Let out a big sigh.

Being stuck drains energy. Making a decision lets us move forward. Can you relate?

I decided to make a decision because of what a Guruji told me. I said to him to ask few of my questions I told him, "I am afraid to take Amrit bec my look will change, and I am afraid of the judgement of the society, world and my loved ones. I am afraid that my business will change and people won't accept me and because of that, wont want to work with me. What should I do?"

To which guru ji said, "If you are afraid of the society, tell me what has the society given you?" Seriously I couldnt think of anything. I didn;t say anything. He then went on to say, "If you choose to stand in your truth, then it will show you who your real "Well wishers" truly are. Otherwise you won't know. It takes courage to walk to Sikhi's path."

These were big words and they went straight to my heart. He was right. I dont know anything meaningful that the world had given me. Everything I had, had been causing me grief, kinda tied to everything in life.

I want to follow Sikhi's path because the goal for me is to "win over my mind" because our ego minds have us in its control. I thought I am tied to makeup, waxing of my hair, looking a certain way, being a certain way, saying certain things to run life and business. The thought of being ruthless authentic kinda excited me. Sikhs who follow the hukam (command) of guru/divine/universe and live in surrender mode are the most happiest people I have seen. They have compassion, humility, smile and a helping hand and heart ready to serve. A sikh gets to step away from being "manmukh (Facing the mind) to being Gurmukh (facing the guru) to lead our life. This is the real reason why Sikhi attracts me.

Facing the guru gives me relaxation and peace of mind.

Facing my own ego and mind identification has not given me the above. For the last 30 years. Happiness comes and goes. 

I also know that I don't know how to live my life. I know that my ego consciousness has only caused me trouble and pain. I know that I dont know what is the proper way to live this human life that I have been given.

Because I realized few years ago, that I dont know what is best, I must seek it somewhere.

I started reading various spirituality and self-help books. I gained a better understanding of myself but I still felt there was more. Then we joined the spiritual centre in our local city, went there for 7 months until a sudden shock entered our world.

Coming out of months of grief and depression, I felt very lonely in my life. I was seeking a better connection with myself. I couldn't find it. I was struggling big time. Then, I was seeking a guru desperately. Someone that I can go to, who can guide me the best path to deal with anything.

Then another miracle occurred, a lot of sangat came to my parents house. I would share with them about what I know and they asked my parents about "why your daughter didnt take amrit" and my mom shyly said, "Yes, its our fault".

I was one with the sangat/congregation, I went to the morning simran/meditation/chanting at the gurudwara and I had a beautiful spiritual experience almost every day to feel the divine in my heart. The technology I learned and practiced during this week progressed me towards the divine in ways I cannot explain in words.

Since that time, amazing changes have been granted to me by the divine. I pray 3x a day, I cover my head wherever I go or at home.

Vegetarian meals taste better. Meat gives me stomach aches.

I want to listen to kirtan/spiritual music all day, that is the only thing that quenches my spiritual thirst.

 It just feels right.

I also listened to 2 ted talks about 2 ladies who proudly have facial hair and be the person that the divine send them to be because after all, when we die, we all turn to ashes.

Our "looks" dont matter. Its only media that has taught us that it does. That's the wrong programming to be plugged into

Now I understand, me taking Amrit and maintaining an Amritdhari lifestyle, will plug me into a different programming which is good for me and my family.

It will let me love me and other human beings bec we are just consciousness at the end of the day. Rest is just illusion.

xo Nav


How I run my business authentically?

Life is a lot easier when you know who you are and what matters to you. This had been an issue for me since I grew up always doing things to fit in, even though I knew deep down I was not supposed to be doing it. And then it was an issue for me again as I decided to elevate my youtube channel here. With that came the pressure of looking perfect for the videos. In the end, I decided to do what is true for me, I am a simple girl. I like to stay natural as much as possible, which means not coloring my grey hair, minimal or no makeup. Because nothing matters except for what you feel about yourself. Nobody should be able to take your confidence, your smile, or your dreams away from you. Don't be afraid to be yourself, that's what authenticity means to me. I hope you receive this message.

Nav Scheie Coaching is dedicated to the ultimate form of self-expression: the ability to create, shape, and design ourselves and our lives fully. 

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Why we should define success and How to?

When I am working with my career coaching clients, I notice that many of them chase goals without defining what success means to them.

If you don't know what success looks like for you, then today's episode is for you.

I am going to show you why its important to define your own success and then how to define your own success. 

I used to chase goals with a lot of ambition and after a lot of sacrifices I would make it to the destination and crush the goals I had set for myself. There was only one problem. I would not take the time to really celebrate, like it wasn't a big deal and then just get my eyes set on another goal, bigger than last time. I started to loathe goal setting and I was not feeling good in the process either.

Can you relate?

Then I learned the concept of "defining what success means to me" ...something personal to me. Not a concept or definition of someone else...which left to default can be about materialism (Money, Status, Brand Names, having a certain body figure, having a certain skin tone etc.) and the thing with materialism is that its never enough and it doesn't fulfill you!

For me, I define success by being "Lit-up in my work", "practicing courage in my everyday life, taking risk and making mistakes", and "feeling excited serving my audience"...NOTICE this doesn't include a money figure, its not about hitting a certain weight goal....its focused more on the process and FEELING GOOD.

Check out the video above on how to define your own success.

Let us know below which tip you will be applying and what is the new definition of your success.

Video Post: Do you suffer from "I have no time" Syndrome

Do you often find yourself saying, "Man, life is so busy. I have no time to do anything!"

If so, today's episode is for you.

I am going to show you 3 quick ways you can use to "create more time in your busy calendar".

For the last 3 months, I have been working on a project called FEEL GOOD TV to bring videos on Youtube to you in a professional manner. I am so happy to reveal them to you 1st, before anyone else because you are a special community.

The content on FEEL GOOD TV will  serve Professional Working Women (& some cool men) who have a desire to grow your Career, Confidence and Consciousness all while feeling good in life!

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to give us your gift of time and attention <3 I appreciate you.

I am also open to feedback on the video above, complimentary or constructive criticism is welcomed. Just hit reply and let me know your thoughts.

How Coaching Works?

I can explain the process of coaching to you in words. or in pictures. But I like fast, quick explanations. This video created by EverLeadCoaches is the best for explaining what coaching is about how it can help you. 

I have also created a video about my coaching and why I do what I do. Check it out below.

If Coaching is something that you need to improve an area of your life, check out my free coaching session here:

Dealing with Difficult Times In Life

I speak from experience. I share tips that have helped me in my experience and would like to pass on the wisdom because I believe in Sharing. Sharing is caring.

Today, I share with you my tips on how to navigate through the difficult times in our life. We all have them and it happens from time and time that we find ourselves stuck even though we want to feel better.

If you liked the video and want more content to "Elevate Your Thinking", be sure to subscribe to the Youtube Channel where I post a weekly inspirational toolkit video every Monday:

So tell me, what are some of your tips to dealing with difficult times in your life? I'd love to know!

What is RYSE? Raise Your Spiritual Energy (Movement)

Last month, I spoke to you about R.Y.S.E. 

R.Y.S.E = Raise Your Spiritual Energy

I got such positive responses. Some of you that relate to the message wrote back. Thank you.

Since RYSE is my life purpose, I am in the process of designing my whole life to my life purpose so every thing works in alignment. Today, I want to take 1 of he 5 life areas and share with you what changes I have been making.  

In the life area of Food & Wellness, I am making the following commitments to R.Y.S.E (Raise my Spiritual Energy)

A) I am working on releasing all refined sugar from my diet. 
B) I am also working on minimizing "low spiritual energy foods" such as meat & alcohol. 

C) I will be eating more "colored foods" as they increase our spiritual energy (veggies and fruits); colored foods also effect different chakras in our body.

To help with the above goals, I have made more changes to my environment:

1) I have chucked/given away all refined sugar items from my fridge - candy, chocolate, cake, package brownies etc. (Can you tell how addicted I was to sugar? Its in everything).

2) I have bought more vegetables and fruits. I eat an orange, or grapes, or an apple when I have a sugar craving.

3) I also learned how to make healthy brownies  at home (sugar free, gluten free). Here is the link:

The brownies in the fridge helps in those weak moments when fruit won't cut the sugar craving.

Now, your turn: What is 1 goal can you work on - in the life area of Food & Wellness to raise your spiritual energy field? Let us know over below in the comments below.

*If you are having trouble coming up with a goal in this area - start here - Focus on HOW YOU FEEL after eating certain food* - having awareness with your food is a good place to start. Keep a Food Journal.

If you or you have a friend that wants to release sugar from her diet, make changes to her diet to raise the bar on her energy levels, please share this with her. She will thank you! <3 

Achieve success, love, Inner Peace, and happiness without much effort (Introducing R.Y.S.E.)

The above picture of me is on a beach in Mexico recently on a vacation.

The above picture is also me FEELING GOODbecause my spiritual energy was raised.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my creative projects that I will be working on for the next few months to RYSE. 

R.Y.S.E = Raise Your Spiritual Energy

See, for the last 7 years, I have been asking myself some deep questions: What am I doing on Earth? What is the purpose of my life? Why did I choose to birth myself in this human experience? What am I here to learn?

But the answers did not come easily at first, they are coming through years and years of life experiences.

I meditated deeply on my questions on my vacation and something very simple rose to the surface. I am clearer than ever - as to what my life purpose is for being on earth. Infact, that is the Life Purpose of all of us.Life Purpose is to RYSE (Raise My Spiritual Energy) so that I can live to my HIGHEST POTENTIAL and complete my dharma and evolve. I know I have also come here to teach and elevate others on the journey of spreading love to help you RYSE also. Let's RYSE so we can have all the love, success and happiness. 

I believe that "It's not that I am a human being having a spiritual experience" but that "I am a spirit having a human experience".Because I believe that I am spirit, my body is made up of matter and underneath the matter are the atoms, which all vibrate at energy, so while I am in a physical form - my essence is energy. I believe that we are all energies walking around day to day living our lives having one human experience after another.

Now, more than ever I believe its time for me to step into my true purpose and Raise my spiritual Energy because I am a spirit. We all are. It's that if I take care of myself, maintain my spiritual energy vibration levels, I attract high vibration realities which is success, health, wealth, happiness, love etc. The challenge however is, how to maintain the high energies in our life. That's where the RYSE project will help us.

But if I don't ever tend to level up my spiritual energy bank, then I am running at a low vibration. Because I maintain a fairly low vibration, I attract life reality that is also vibrating at a lower frequencies. So I attract diseases, tense neck and shoulders, deeply addicted to sugar, feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt and judgement.

I came back from my vacation with enlightened clarity that I am going to step into my Life Purpose through RYSE.

I have started the process already in my life - cleaning up 5 life areas. 

The 3 life areas where I am starting the process are listed below, starting with Food & Body, Faith & Rituals, and Work & Business. 

I will reveal the other 2 categories next time.


What Happens AFTER a Desire Map Workshop?

You feel CLEAR


Now, you know where you were going WRONG

Everything makes SENSE now



Or You change EVERYTHING that has been holding you back, now that you see what IT IS.

You become an "Unstoppable" Sky Rocket,, which is heading UPWARDS with a direct aim, because you are clear

and  FUELED.

You leave the workshop all FUELED UP!

You feel clear on YOUR DESIRES - How you want to feel everyday, when you go to bed, when you are at work.


You also leave with a plan on how to ignite "those feelings" that make you feel good! 

We are now hosting a 1-day Desire Map workshop on April 30.

You can find other information and registration details here:


Nav Scheie

Make 2016 Valentine's Day different

Make this Valentine's Day different.

Make it about you. Love Yourself, in a way you feel worthy.

Don't wait on the world to make you call you worthy.

Don't wait on your husband, or loved ones, or partner to tell you how much they love you.

Tell it to yourself. You know what makes you feel happy.


If its a bouquet of fresh flowers - get it for yourself.

If its a spa treatment - treat yourself for a date with yourself.

If its a movie and dinner - take yourself on a lavish date (Take a book with you, I have been told).

If its someone doing your housework for you - take a break today, get on the phone, and hire a maid for a day.

If it is someone writing you a love letter - write that love letter to yourself in your journal. Accept, Celebrate all that you are in that letter. 

If it is a greeting card in the mail - write someone you appreciate a love letter, you will feel more love around you!

The best kind of love and appreciation is the ONE YOU GIVE TO YOURSELF.

 If you don't love yourself, you possibly cannot attract more love into your life.

If you don't love yourself, you will not notice all the love around you.

If you don't love yourself, you will be always at the mercy of others and you cannot control others. You cannot manipulate others. You only control yourself.

Break the armour off of your heart, for 1 day, treat yourself well.

Today is THE DAY to love yourself. Every day is a special day but today is extra special.

"How you treat yourself is how you treat GOD" 

Letter to the Universe

Some days, we don't feel our best. 

I am sure you can relate.

When I struggle, instead of focusing on how I am feeling today or in this moment, I reach for a better "feeling" thought.

And for me, that's a thought of SURRENDER. 

Surrendering to who I am becoming and who I am no more.

Surrendering to what is working in life and what is not.

Surrendering to Life's possibilities and letting life happen - whether I like it or not.

I wrote a "Letter to the universe" today. A simple message of surrendering.

*This is a tool I use from my toolkit to clear my head and align it with my heart center. Its works EVERY TIME!*

Dear Universe. I trust you. I trust that everything I want, you will bring me the ways to manifest it. I will be waiting for your signs. I will stay awake day after day to learn the “how”. All I know is what I want. What I want is based on my feelings. This is what I want to feel in my life (body, health, business, work, relationships, essence and spirituality).



Co-creator with You

 Being in Surrender – letting you call the shots

Free of the internal war/mind games

Love (in and around me)


With what I know today, I am falling into struggle, resistance, doubt, lack mentality. Feeling grief, giving into the drama my mind creates where I am in the lead role.Leading this role has left me feeling fried, drained, tired, not enough, not having enough, not loved, unworthy of happiness now and in the future. I have had enough. I can't carry on like this anymore. Its too difficult. I know there is a better way. A way of co-creating with you.

I am in surrender and let you take control. 

With All my Love,


If you are familiar with the work I do with Desire Mapping, you'll notice I am reaching for the "feelings" in my letter as a way of knowing that I am "on the right track". It helps me immensely to know that whatever decisions I am making in life are making me FEEL GOOD AT THE END OF THE DAY! 

If you would like to know "How do you most want to feel?" and "How you would never like to feel again?" Join us for an in-person Desire Map workshop here to get clear and start making CHOICES THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY:

How to Make Choices that “Free” You

Hello Friends!

 I hope your 2016 is off to a great start. If not, then keep on reading!

Question: Have you ever felt stuck in life wherein there is something you really want to do but are unable to do it? You are unable to start your plans as you find yourself saying, “What would so and so think or say about me if I pushed through with my plans or endeavors?”

Studying evolution, I have understood that the “dumb part” of our brain wants safety. It wants to be accepted and loved by everyone ALL THE TIME.

I call it the “dumb part” of the brain because it hasn’t evolved yet to realize that we only want to be liked and accepted by our close friends and family. However, our mind wants to please the world, wants to be loved by EVERY ONE.

Have you realized how busy you are in your life to actually notice other people’s activities?  How often do we think about other people’s lives and what they are doing? Not much…right?

So by that logic, I can’t possibly expect the world to love me, all the time. Heck! No one has even got time to pay attention to their own lives, let alone watch my every move and judge me on how I am doing!

Living day to day, I have to tell myself that I am accepted and so loved by my close family and friends. That they accept me for all I do and won’t judge me but rather understand all the choices I make in my life. I watch myself and don’t allow the “dumb” part of my brain to control me. I control it!

I watch the “dumb part” as it tries to tell me how I must do things in my life so as to be liked by everyone. But I ignore it and completely disregard the notions it tries to convey . . . that I have to live my life based on the world’s expectations.

I feel SO FREE when I do the things that I know brings me joy.

The story that I just told you is what I struggle with sometimes and I know that you do too. So, I decided to share and tell you what got me out of this rut! I am human and my emotions get stuck in a rut too. The “dumb part” of the brain takes over and I find myself making decisions to please everyone but me!

Since Christmas, I felt foggy, not centered, sluggish, dealing with grief thoughts, and life felt like a rough uphill battle until yesterday when I realized that I am AGAIN making choices to please the world and ignoring myself, my needs and my wants.

Whenever I struggle in life now, it’s not long until I find myself using the systems I have in place (my tested and tried methods which I also teach to other people because they work). I use these systems so I can put my emotions aside and look at a situation objectively and move forward. This is the Desire Mapping System that I teach at my workshops called Desire Map workshops. The next workshop will be on February 27 and 28, 2016 (Register at on or before February 6, 2016 and avail of our “Early Bird” Promo for discounts).

Back to the story, I looked at how I most wanted to feel and I realized that I was nowhere near how I wanted to feel. Some of my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) are to feel: Courageous, Connected within and Joyful. However, what I was actually feeling was “Small, Disconnected and Joyless”. No wonder I was struggling!

I then truly and authentically decided no longer to lie to myself and be totally real. To be true to what my needs are. I now feel so JOYFUL taking care of my true needs and not giving a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks.

So my CDFs of feeling Courageous, Connected within and Joyfulness have lifted me out of the fogginess that my brain was in and has taken me closer to how I MOST WANT TO FEEL.

Heading into 2016, I KNOW What I want most, how I want to feel and what I need to stop doing and START doing to feel HOW I MOST WANT TO FEEL.

I feel so free, clear and excited!

Now I want this for you~ So, I invite you to come to the next Desire Map - DM workshop and if you are interested in learning this system too and want to sign up for the virtual workshops (keep your eyes out for an upcoming save the date link) in the newsletter in 2016.

Thank you again for supporting us in 2015 and we look forward to serving you in 2016!

The Story Behind

Hi Everyone!

Here is a great story that I came upon that had me stop and reflect. The narrative showed the essence  of  being truly Kind-Hearted and Generous. However, the other side of the story then showed how our  emotions clearly affect our judgement especially during times that we are in the process of making Life Changing decisions in our lives.

When our emotions are high, chances are the way we rationalize things or situations will be on its  all- time low. This leads to  us missing out  on details or  facts that  could  later  on  make  us regret  the  decision  that  we  had  made in  haste. Oftentimes, we  make the  mistake  of seeing only the Tree but not the Forest! Always try to learn the story behind the story . . .

So, go ahead read, enjoy and reflect on the story as I did.

Learn to Appreciate

Once upon a time, there was a man who was very helpful, kindhearted, and generous. He was a man  who  will  help  someone  without  asking  anything to pay him back. He will help someone because he wants to and he loves to.  One day while walking into a dusty road, this man saw a purse,  so  he picked it up and  noticed  that  the purse  was empty.  Suddenly  a woman with  a policeman shows up and gets him arrested.

The woman kept on asking where did he hide her money but the man replied, “It was empty when I found it, Mam.” The woman yelled at him, “Please give it back, it’s for my son’s school fees.”  The man noticed that the woman really felt sad, so he handed all his money.  He could say   that  the  woman   was  a  single  mother.   The  man   said, “Take   these,   sorry  for  the inconvenience.”  The woman left and policeman held the man for further questioning.

The woman was very happy but when she counted her money later on, it was doubled, she was shocked.  One  day  while woman  was going to pay  her  son’s school fees towards the school, she noticed that some skinny man was walking behind her.  She thought that he may rob her, so she approached a policeman standing nearby.  He was the same policeman, who she took along to inquire about her purse.  The woman told him about the man following her, but suddenly they saw that man collapsing.  They ran at him, and saw that he was the same man whom they arrested few days back for stealing a purse.

He looked very weak and woman was confused.  The policeman said to the woman, “He didn’t return your money; he gave you his money that day.  He wasn’t the thief but hearing about you son’s school fees, he felt sad and gave you his money.”  Later, they helped man stand up, and man told the woman, “Please go ahead and pay your son’s school fees, I saw you and followed you to be sure that no one steals your son’s school fees.”   The woman was speechless.

Moral:  Life  gives  you  strange  experiences,  sometime  it  shocks you and sometimes it may surprise you. We end up making wrong judgments or mistakes in our anger, desperation and frustration.  However,  when you get  a second chance,  correct  your mistakes and return the favor. Be Kind and Generous. Learn to Appreciate what you are given.