Intention of this blog - from my soul to yours

Hello Universe, I had a pull to start this blog for months now and today I bit the bullet. So here we are a brand new blog - ToolsforMindfulness. I have been listenng and learning from many spiritual teachers...and now writing to share my journey with all of you who want to tag along.

Here we go.....

I learned through my yoga class the power of intention. The intention of this blog is to share my learnings, resources to all of you because I want to share all spiritual learnings I have had in the last 2years and want to help you. There is soooo much information out there but I am going to try it keep the resources focused by telling you how I work through difficult challenges in life. 

So it has kind of become a habit in the last year or so to check into Social media every evening after work know Facebook and YouTube! But I specifically use these channels for spiritual guidance and there is NOTHING I haven't been able to work through. Some issues took days, weeks to get over but I worked it out using these resources. So I want to now share these with you to help you if you want/need the help. I didn't help create any of the resources I will be sharing neither am I getting endorsements. I just want to write and share - pure intention of my soul to help yours.

 I feel not ashamed to share my struggles with you because nobody's life is perfect but we can all work towards having a mindset that helps us get through the challenges we face time to time.

So lets just keep this short but I wanted to share this book with you today. I came across this video and it talks about how busy life is and somehow that's us the new thing that impresses everyone. This book is called "Miracles Now" by Gabrielle Bernstein teaches us 101 simple ways to create mindfulness in our day to slow down - most tricks to be done under a minute.
Enjoy and have a good night.