Make tough decisions EASILY....(using a system)

Hi my loves,

We all make decisions every day,some big, some small. Some are easily made and some just take forever to make and justifiably so! These decisions demand either a lot of time, money or effort and sometimes all 3. If you are struggling with making difficult decisions or want to make decisions with certainty, then keep reading...

Recently, I had to decide whether I was going to attend a conference in Toronto (which is 5 hours flight away from home, I would be there for 5 days (which means I gotta handle business while I am away, since I am a 1-women show right now). Since I will be going to Toronto, I naturally want to visit family and friends who live there and I am really hoping someone can take me to visit Niagara Falls!! 

So it would take 5-6 days for me to be away from home, my husband, business activities, my routine, a flight there and back, preparing and packing for the flight, driving to the get the idea! Its work to leave home....

To top all this off, last week my dad had to go to emergency. Hell broke loose. Nothing matters more to me than my family. I decided in that moment that I will not be going to Toronto. No matter what.

Well, I talk myself out of things sometimes. Here I was...certain that I won't be going...Then 2 days after, I was still "thinking" whether I should buy this ticket and go to Toronto or not... I hate "thinking and analyzing things" it takes SO much of my precious energy away! Argh...

For those that know me, know me for "I don't think much but love to take action" I say to myself, "We will see what happens" a lot. I am the type that jumps 1st and then thinks about building the wings on the way down. 

I probably do this because it feels really good to me to be courageous and be risky, calculated risk nevertheless! I always want to feel good. Don't you? Ya, you do!

If I don't feel good in any moment (because life happens; especially when its totally outside of my control), I still want to have control over how I feel in each moment. (ex. I want to feel centered vs. feeling flustered) no matter what is happening around me.

So to make this difficult decision, I turned to a proven system called CDF, I will be teaching at my workshop in November. CDF's stand for Core Desired Feelings. Here is how I used my CDF's model to make THIS decision.

So I decided to see if "going to this Toronto Conference" would make my CDFs (Core Desired Feelings) come alive...these are the feelings I use to make decisions in my life and in business. So far the track record has been great!

Analysis time: Would going make me feel?

  • Focused....No, it won't. It will take me out of my daily routine and its always hard to get focused away from home. ....Check!
  • Accomplished....Not really! I know I need to stay back and get things done for personal and business reasons.  
  • Courageous....Not going to Toronto is a courageous move for me because that means I gotta deal with my fear of FOMO - Fear of missing out. But by not going, I can engage in a plenty of courageous moves in business.

I went through this process rather quickly...and I made the decision:



So there you have it, using your CDF's in life can help you make tough decisions easily too!

See, most of the time we are confused - its because our minds and hearts are saying different things, conflicting things and in this indecision, we loose tons of energy. 

What decisions are you struggling with that knowing your Core Desired Feelings would make it easy for you to decide what will ACTUALLY serve you.  

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I will be teaching this exact model of CDF's so you can use this system in your life to make every decision and know that you would be serving yourself every time :)

The workshop is held in a "Temple" where we will pray, journal, open up, reflect, learn, dance, share, be vulnerable, connect, have gourmet lunch, tea, do yoga, warm blankets, laughs and new friendships will be formed and I surrender to what else will emerge.......Expect Magic and Miracles...

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Love and Light,