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I don't have time for me

Those are the words I hope you don't say to yourself. 

The reason we don't make time for our self-care is because we believe its

a) Not that Important

b) I can do without it

c) But what about the people I care about? They need to be taken care of too.....

Which of the above are your reasons?

Listen, one thing I know and I have experienced is....


If you won't take care of you.....THEN......WHO WILL?

Self-Care is taking time for ourselves to do activities that make YOU happy...aka...fill up our "love" tank. For me its, reading my favorite books while sipping on peppermint tea. Or its going to a dance party with my best friend. Or time spent meditating, journalling and exercising... (They do't cost much, keep me balanced and make me happy!)

But these activities don't benefit you if you do them....ONLY...when you are down in the dumps! These practices serve you the most when you do them consistently...that means scheduling them in your calendar and getting them done....because YOU are important! 

Self Care is important and non-negotiable. 

Its the ...........Bread and Butter of our emotional health. 

Its the ..........Cheese to Macaroni 

.........................Bacon to Eggs

.........................Jelly to Peanut Butter sandwich

You get the idea..........Non-negotiable.

So take the right action TODAY and join me for your "Ultimate Self-Care Workshop" if you are in the Edmonton and area. Look, I even created a video for you (because you are that special to me!)


If you are in Edmonton, Join my weekend Self-Care Weekend Workshop (includes Desire Mapping). Its an-all ladies workshop. (If you a male reading this, you can purchase self-care workshop for your loved one, they will love you forever for it! I won't let you down.) 

                              Prices go up in 3 days! Oct 31, 2015.                                 Details here:

1. A Desire Map workbook to take home - (valued at $20)

2. Catered lunch with tea (provided on both days) - (valued at $25)

3. A relaxing Yoga Class with instructor Eileen from Red Owl Yoga - (valued at $20)

4. Essential Oil Samples to try and to take home - (valued at $40)

5. High Powered Zumba class - (valued at $25) 

6. 2 days of full Desire Map facilitated workshop - (valued at $150)

Get your ticket here:

Trust me when you are running around serving everyone (but yourself) on an empty battery, and snapping at your colleagues, husband/boyfriend/partner or kids, all of us can "feel" that you are OFF. We are all energy beings, we can tell when you are having an off day....there is no hiding! can't cover up stuff like that with a smile.

If not NOW................THEN WHEN??