What is Life Coaching?

Hello all!  Hope that you are doing well. Today, I am writing to all of you to explain what Life Coaching is. The reason is because I am a Life Coach by profession and I run my own practice.

So often, I get the question from my clients and friends asking what Life Coaching is. I have the 2-minute version of what it is but in this video, I have tried to paint a picture focusing on the following topics: What the coaching process looks like? How it is done? The criteria for signing up, my personal philosophy behind my practise, What are some of the outcomes you can expect from coaching AND Last but not the least . . . To clarify that "Coaching is not Counselling", and why it’s not just for the "Broken Ones".

In fact coaching is for people who love to invest in themselves and improve every day to be a better person and a better professional so they can "Take Charge" of their Life.

Hope you enjoy this video. If you have any questions or feedback, please leave your comments below. I love to read them! :)