5 Easy Ways to Practice being in the "Present Moment"

I am at my happiest state when I am in the “Present Moment”. Many of us myself included go through life's motions without even having the consciousness of living in this moment, “The Present”, the most important moment we have. 

We either spend time lingering in past hurts or in getting terrified with future worries. When was the last time you spent some time living in the Present Moment? It's very hard these days to always be “Present” as our lives are full of distractions. Unless we set our minds with the intention of using practices that bring us back to the present moment, time tends to slip by. Being in the present moment gives me happiness. Being productive makes me feel better instantly wherein better ideas come to me. This is just one of the numerous benefits reaped from staying in the present moment.

Here are 5 Easy Ways to Stay in the Present Moment

1)   Consciously take 5 deep breaths

When we take 5 deep breaths (preferably with eyes closed), we disengage from our mind chatter and move into our body. You can try it today on your way back to home, while walking to get lunch, etc. You will feel your energy shifting, I promise! It's such a simple and powerful practice. 

2)  Make Time for Play

Kids always stay in the present moment because they are so engaged in play. We definitely are no longer kids, so what type of Play you might ask. Well, it was said that “In our busy lives, we should try to take at least 15 minutes out from our day to engage in play”. And the way play was defined was: “To engage in an activity when time seems to go by so fast that we forget to notice.” One of my favorite authors,  Brene Brown says, “Play is time spent without purpose."

3)  Be Grateful!

My husband and I often take Gratitude Walks in nature. We each count 10 things we are grateful for in our lives. Being grateful for both big and little things in life instantly bring us to the present moment. Count 5 things you are grateful for right now. You can also set a daily alarm in your calendar/phone to take a “gratitude break” to shift yourself from being in a “lacking mentality” mood to that of an “abundance mentality “state. 

4)  Meditate on something Beautiful in Nature

Pick something you like: a flower, a plant, running water, a leaf or sit in sunshine and start to stare at the object without any judgement. As your mind monkey start to jump in with judgements, just simply let go. Just notice the object you choose to meditate on. Start with 2 minutes and expand on time as you move forward. 

5)   Move your body

The key here is to engage in an activity you fully enjoy. When you are enjoying something fully, you are effortlessly being in the present moment