29 Lessons I have Learned from My 29 years Life’s Journey

I have had quite a few incredible life experiences so far in my life. In retrospect, I am extremely grateful for all of them, especially those that didn’t go well or were challenging.

I have had my heart broken but later found a best friend in a husband. I got married to the love of my life; had a challenging 1st year in my married life and then re-kindled love with a much deeper understanding of it. I have had made some courageous but risky moves in the last year but I choose to create a life everyday with no regrets. I know hat that the ride is about to get wilder but I will face it Head On! Just to name a few.

How did I survive and what did I learn from all of them? Here let me share then with all of you . . .  (Note: not all are conventional but they did work. Have fun!)

1.         No one can make you genuinely happy except yourself.

2.         You cannot change other people but you can change yourself. You can die trying to change other people. Don’t waste your time. Focus instead on yourself on how you can respond to the person better.

3.         Self-love is the foundation from which you will build all things in life. How you treat yourself is what makes all the difference. It’s in the gentle self-talk you give yourself after you bomb that job interview, it’s in how you take care of yourself even when your child is sick, and it’s in the crying session you give yourself as a form of TLC (Tender Loving Care) when everything seems to fall apart.

4.         Think less! Do more! Overthinking is a disease. You will create a problem that didn’t even exist in the first place.

5.         You will never be fully ready to do anything. You got to start now with what you have. Resources magically start to appear when you make a commitment to do things.

6.         Write down your goals whether they are for a month, a year or 3 years. Writing down goals is powerful! It’s the 1st step in making them a reality.  Place your written goals where they are most visible so they can act as a “Constant Reminder” to you. When you do that your brain will notice things aligned to your goals and you will automatically start noticing people that you can work with to make your goals materialize. 

7.         Mexican food is the best thing ever! Sushi too! Variety and Experimentation is the key!

8.         Learn the “Art of Letting Go”. Let go of things that are weighing you down like negative people, experiences and memories. Life is too short! Live in the “Present Moment”.

9.         Create your OWN Success and Failure models. It is important so that you don’t define your whole life on others people’s success model. That’s the reason so many of us find ourselves in great jobs with amazing income but still feel like something is missing.

10.         Only listen to experts for advice. As Malcolm Gladwell said “An Expert is someone who has practiced for 10,000 hours.” If you are thinking of starting your own business, don’t listen to advice from someone who has never run a business before. Listen to advice given by those who have already done what you want to do and especially to those who have done it well.

11.         Everybody makes mistakes! Acknowledge it, Learn from it and Never do it again. (if possible)

12.         Don’t watch the news religiously. Watch the “Big Bang Theory” TV series instead.

13.         Don’t live your life based on other people’s opinions. Give value to your own opinion of yourself and the situation.

14.         In each moment of your life, you are fully responsible for how you feel. When we think someone is bothering us, we need to stop and remind ourselves that there is a “Part of Me” that’s bothered and it has nothing to do with the other person’s behavior. However, this type of mindset needs constant practice to get used to. We can start with daily intentions to watch our behavior when someone hurts us. This is all part of being responsible for ourselves. Read Michael Singer book “Untethered Soul” if interested for more goodness.

15.     Know your key values and try to live them every day. You will feel so complete, more complete than that COACH bag will ever make you feel.

16.     Don’t compare yourself to other people. Seriously, it has never put a smile on my face EVER!

17.     Don’t believe everything your mind tells you.

18.     Develop “Positive Habits”. One positive habit I have been working on for the past 2 years has been developing a morning routine that I actually stick to. My morning routine guides how my day goes, how I respond to difficult situations in life.

19.     Take care of your body; it’s the only place you live in. Eat healthy because it’s good for YOU, drink lots of water, workout, hangout with happy and positive people.

20.     Band-aid solutions don’t work! I like to get messy, get to the core of things. When you heal from the core, we don’t need band aids anymore.

21.     “Alone Time” or “Me Time” is so important, my alone time is my sacred time. I do whatever the heck I feel like in it. Find some alone time in your day to touch base with yourself.

22.     Not all busy is bad. Being busy with the awareness of why you are busy and whether it’s in line with your values and priorities can be productive.

23.     As much it’s important to feed good food to our body, ever more is important to feed good soul food to our minds. By default, our mind likes to eat junk (aka think negatively). But with awareness and regular practice you can feed it the “Good Stuff” like those of Motivational Videos, Self-help books and doing meditation so the mind can re-focus on what's good in life. 

24.     Nothing goes away until you learn the lessons you need to learn

25.     Read good self-help books but real magic happens when you apply what you have learned. Experience is Key and is the Best Teacher!

26.     You are the sum of the 5 people (or books) you spend most of your time with.

27.     Never ever stop learning. Whether its things about yourself, your life, your craft. Always focus on “Who am I Becoming?”

28.     You will never be happy in any relationship if you are not happy with yourself. So start with YOU!

29.     Gratitude is the key to happiness. Practice it daily if you can. It's part of my morning routine :)

And the journey continues on…..

So have you learned the same lessons in your own Life Journey? Hope you enjoyed this post. If there is a lesson you relate to, let me know which one. I would love to know yours.