How to Stay “Constantly Curious” with Life

Hello Beautiful People!

I do hope that you are starting your week fully inspired to take on anything. If not, it's about to get better because I am going to share with you how to be "Constantly Curious" with life.

I wanted to share something that happened to me wherein the experience resulted to the discovery of some powerful insights. One day my soul sister and I were chatting over lunch. Our topic was on how people in the world just accept the current state of their lives no matter how miserable it may be.

It is very typical to accept and just say "I am going through some difficult time in my life, but what can you do? That's just life!" Oh! What a bad reputation life gets when we say that! I am quite sure that most if not all of us have thought and reacted like this at one point in our lives. I know I have.

My loved ones have too because they have used the same words on me to make me feel better. And God bless their hearts for trying to assure me by sharing they know to be a basic truth in life.  

If you feel unhappy with yourself, your work, your business, your relationships; if there are constant up and down shifts in the emotional graph of your life then do take those as warning signs.

If we accept that our life is like an emotional roller coaster puts us into "victim mentality” mode.  We believe that we do not have any control or any means of improving life as we go through it. This is the mindset that causes us to struggle with life, be in a state of constant worry and experience going through a world of pain and heartaches.

Let us move away from such “Victim Mentality” in our lives. Let me inspire you to think differently today. Here are some ways to change your current mindset for the better: 

Be “Curious” with your Problems rather than just “Accepting” them

Be Constantly Curious on why life is presenting you with an up and down roller coaster of emotions. Ask questions. Asking questions is powerful because when you ask questions and look for answers with curiosity, you will be surprised by what you will find.

I love my natural curious nature because it lets me constantly seek ways not only to improve myself as a person but also help me discover and understand my various roles in life. I have always been curious, that's one quality from my childhood that I haven't forgotten and will go as far as saying that I have grown and will continue to grow as a human being, a student, a professional and a wife, etc. because of my natural curiosity.

The saying goes . . . "When you Seek Answers, Teachers Appear".

I'm grateful that I find myself a natural at being curious. For many, Constant Curiosity is an acquired and developed habit.

So, I challenge you to take any one situation in life and be curious with it. Ask questions like "why is this situation happening in my life?“Is there something in this situation that I need to learn from?" "How am I part of the chaos?" "What do I need to improve in my nature that will help the situation?"

Here are some of My Proven Techniques on how to be “Constantly Curious”. I guarantee you that They Work!

1)   Dig deep within and connect with your inner guidance during meditation, yoga or during walks or runs. Whatever it is that lets you connect to your inner peace. 

2)   Ask friends you admire on how they would have tackled and resolved "The Situation" you are facing if they were in your shoes.

3)   Talk to your parents and seek their advice. You don't have to take their advice but if you admire them the way they have lived their lives then go ahead and ask them.. Stay curious, ask questions. You might be surprised with what you find out.

4)   Write in your journal and ask for guidance in whatever you believe in.

5)   Look for online support, there are tons of guidance provided through forums.

6)   Search it on YouTube.

7)   Hire a Life Coach - they can show you the direction by waking the "Inner Guidance” (~iNG) within you.

8)   Read a Personal Development book. Sponge the knowledge first, then apply the concepts learned. If you only read the book and not applied the lessons, it would make you more frustrated than before. So apply the concepts as soon as you can and watch your life improve.

9)   One of my favorites: Study Successful People (depends on how you define success) to see how they handled struggles in their life and then mimic them.

Don’t just Accept Life and settle for mediocrity

Stay open and see how your inner intuition guides you. Just know that you are today exactly where you are meant to be. All that you need is already within you, you just need to open the door (by asking questions, staying curious) and then when answers start showing up, practice the new way (by walking through the door) to the other side. I will meet you there. 

Stay Curious and Experience a Happy and Blissful life!

So, what in Life are you “Constantly Curious” of right now? Feel free to comment and share them below.