Results in Life = Courage

Fall has come and gone, I hope you took the time to enjoy thanksgiving and ate pumpkin pie (it's my favorite).

I took out my colorful scarves, winter coat and winter boots.

Our garden wrapped up but Kale is still going strong. Not only do I like Kale for its amazing nutrients, but also its characteristic of resiliency. It was -5 degrees overnight yesterday and guess what? Kale is still growing...

And that's how we have to be too! Today I want to talk to all of you about having the courage to stay resilient.

Listen, 1 thing I know for sure.... Amazing results in life are a result of us taking courageous actions.

You know what you get from living life from a place of comfort zone = a life of mediocrity. Exercising Courage makes us into a better person, which also translates into a life that's "feels" good to you!

Courageous actions looks like:

1) Exercising when you don't feel like it. 

2) Investing in your self-care because you know you are worth it!

 3) Turning your phone off 1 evening to "unplug" from social media and answering to everyone else's demands. 

4) Being present with your kids so you can enjoy their beautiful smile.

5) Standing up for yourself and asking your bodd for that pay raise you are due to get.... 2 months back

When can you be more courageous in your life? Let us know below.

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