Overcoming Fears: My Lighthouse Adventure

One time my husband and I decided to take a trip Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to celebrate our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. It was -30 degrees Fahrenheit in our hometown of Edmonton so wanted to getaway to somewhere warm. We landed in Mexico and fell in love with the place instantly. It reminded us of the city I grew up in India which was a bonus. We had 30+ degree weather, a supply of fresh fruits and a variety of local Mexican food freshly-made for us daily. Added to these was the opportunity to have early morning walks on the beach of a very blue ocean and abundant sunshine peeking through the windows early in the morning. Simply put, it was “Complete Bliss”. However, it was also the perfect setting for me overcoming one of the biggest fears that I ever had!

During those early morning excursions that we had, my Husband and I would walk past a towering lighthouse (8 stories high to be exact!) that was in front of our resort. Now I am scared of heights so I walked right past by it every single day pretending that it wasn't there.

However, I had created a personal goal for myself that whenever I will go on trips, I would challenge my fears to do at least one thing that scares the hell out of me. So, it was on our 3rd day there that I mustered up enough courage to climb on this lighthouse. 

My husband was so supportive, he held my hand as we started on the stairs and said he was there to protect me and I loved him for that. However, my fears were further aggravated when I discovered that the stairs of the lighthouse were of the see-through type. I could see exactly how high I was!

I prayed, sighed and at times closed my eyes as I went up those stairs. I was so scared but still decided to do it anyway. Once we got to the top, all my fears instantly vanished for the view was just breathtakingly beautiful!!! As I stood at the top of the lighthouse holding on to the hand railing tightly, I shed a tear because I had a powerful realization. 

I realized how my fears were holding me back from enjoying the most beautiful things in life. I also realized that I need to continue challenging my fears in order to live a fuller and more meaningful life.

Who knew how many times I had missed such beautiful experiences because of my fears? The key takeaway was that no matter how scary something seems, I need to challenge the fear because fear is only in the mind. There is no real threat!

I once read this quote and loved it “F.E.A.R is just False Evidence Appearing Real.” The experience with the lighthouse just gave it a deeper meaning to me.

The realization that . . . “When we challenge our fears, the consequences that we were expecting to happen because of taking on our fears weren't real to begin with.” made our 2nd Wedding Anniversary Celebration one of the most beautiful memories that I will ever have.

How about you? When was the last time you challenged one of your fears? What happened? I hope that you can also share them with me in the comments field below.