The Power of Appreciation

How is your week coming along? Are you getting what you want? Are things being done the way you like them done? Are you getting the attention that you’ve been asking for? Some of you would say “Yes”, some would say “No” while there will be a few who would answer “I don’t know”. But do you know that by just applying “The Power of Appreciation” that all of your answers will become YES!?

One of the biggest reasons for such varied answers can be attributed to the fast pace lives that we live by nowadays. The swiftness of how we go about our days leaves us little time to really “Stop and Smell the Roses” along our journey to success or happiness. What I mean by that is we oftentimes are guilty of “Overlooking things” or worst still “Taking things for granted”.

How? You might say. Take the example of a kid showing off their artwork to a parent or a visitor in their home. The piece of paper can just show a crudely drawn stick figure of their family and not a Picasso piece that you usually truly appreciate. However, to the child who drew it, it is their masterpiece and required a lot of their effort to make and a substantial amount of courage to show to you.

How about that hot cup of Java that your better half just suddenly placed in your hand without you even asking for one? It definitely does not come near the taste of a cup of brew from Starbucks but then it was lovingly prepared for you and you alone by your spouse. A steaming cup of coffee to warm you up during that early morning or to give you a breather when they saw you swamped with work.

On both scenarios, the power of appreciation would dramatically change how the landscape of love and caring will look like. Always keep in mind this simple but very powerful thought as you go through your day . . . “What You Appreciate . . . Appreciates!”

So what did you overlook today? And what did you appreciate today that change the mood of things for you? Go ahead share it with us in the comment field below. Sign up for our newsletter and let’s be friends.