Remember: You Are Enough!

The holidays are almost upon us. Yahoo! This is a time when Rest and Recreation will be on everybody’s mind. Most of us are looking at spending the holidays with our families, friends and love ones. However, there will be some of us who will be using the respite from work as a time to do a self-evaluation

Asking questions like:

“Did I do enough?”

“Did I perform above expectations?”

“Was I able to make a difference?”

Those are Great Questions to ask, if your intention is to look for ways to continue constantly improving and developing one’s self. This is particularly true for those of us who have a “C.A.N. I Attitude.” That’s short for C-onstant A-nd N-ever-ending I-mprovement!

Sadly, there are those who do such “self-inquiries” to berate themselves or as a form of self-flagellation. A few would even disguise it as a form of humility, which unfortunately end up being a case of Self Pity. However, most of the time, You Are Enough and You Do Enough! Do not sell yourself short. You are making a difference one way or the other.

Keep in mind that people who “Feel Good”; “Do Good”! So start the habit of appreciating and celebrating yourself from time to time and end up being a True Blessing to the people around you especially to those of your family and friends.

So what will it be for this coming holidays? Perfect but Stressed Out or Enough and Happy?