Overwhelmed! Is that you?

Tomorrow is Wednesday . . . Wow! I survived Monday and Tuesday! Just 3 days more and I will be scot-free once again . . . weekends! Hearing yourself saying the same speech?

It’s already the middle of the week! How time flies when you are having fun! So . . . how is everyone’s energy level? Chances are, your answers will be. . . “Energy level is already low!”, “I feel tired”, “What?! It’s just Wednesday? You sure?”, “I feel overwhelmed!” and the ever famous “I hate my job!”

Mondays though sometimes slow in starting eventually pick up during that day due to the ample energy reserves that you were able to store during the weekend break. However, as the week progresses these get depleted so that by Wednesday, one may already feel tired, stuck and massively overwhelmed by the thought of activities, projects or chores that are before them. The reason you might ask? Well, the answer is because “You are doing insane”. Yes, you heard me right. Not “Going” but “Doing” INSANE.

Why, you might ask? It’s because one definition of Insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Having a routine is a great thing to have. It allows you to do things automatically without much effort due to “muscle memory”. It’s like your body is on remote control. However, it can easily lead to monotony and boredom in what you are doing since you are no longer being challenged. This situation can quickly zap those precious energy reserves that you have.

So what can you do? Small changes, experimentation or variations is the key.  Try to make slight changes on how you do things at work or at home.  They don’t need to be big adjustments but just small ones like maybe that of trying a different route on your way to work, trying to complete a task using another method to do it or something simple as changing what you have for breakfast.  This not only breaks the monotony, but also even gives one a chance to learn a new thing.  Allow you to discover how to do something easier and quicker or to learn one of the ways on how not to do it. A challenge or a change can help alleviate or divert your attention from feelings or thoughts of being “Overwhelmed”.

So what changes are dawning to you right now that will help you conserve that much needed energy and enthusiasm you have? Remember every drop of energy you save can be re-directed to a worthwhile cause may that be with your career, with your family or towards that of achieving your dreams.