What Kind of Magnet are You?

When I was still young, someone asked me what kind of magnet I was?  To which I readily answered with “I am a person and not a magnet.” (young, naïve and did not attempt to clarify the question) As years past, I came to realize that what the question was really asking was . . . “What do you attract as a person?”

“The Law of Attraction” states that “you attract what you exude.” Another way of putting it is that most of the time, people get attracted or drawn to persons who are also displaying what they are feeling. “Misery loves company”, “Surround yourselves with positive people” and “Stay Positive” are but some of the sayings that indicate that your condition or where you are at in life right now is greatly influenced by your attitude or outlook in life.

This kind of thinking was aptly summed up by this quote from Lao Tzu. “Watch your Thoughts for they become Words. Watch your Words for they become Actions. Watch your Actions for they become Habits. Watch your Habits for they become Character. Watch your Character for it becomes your Destiny.”

So what kind of MAGNET are YOU? Do you give out and thereby attract Positive or Negative energy? It’s never too late to start changing your polarity . . . your attitude. Start drawing in those Positive Vibes and end up being a true blessing to everyone around you.