True Friends! True Gems!

One time as I was doing my groceries, I ran into a former neighbor, an old lady that I have not seen in years. We got into a conversation and at one point, our topic swung towards that of the friends that she had. And I was struck by a statement that she said which has haunted me until now. She said: “I have come into a stage in my life where I realized that I have Many Acquaintances but very Few Friends.”

I found that statement so simple but had a profound truth! We meet and come to know a lot of people (acquaintances) but among possibly hundreds, only a handful or even less become our “True Friends”.

“A friend in need is a friend indeed” sums up my definition of what a True Blue Friend is. A genuine friend is not only there during your happiness and triumphs but should be even more inseparable from you during your times of struggles and sorrow. This is a person who possibly even knows you better than yourself. Lucky and Happy should be the individual who have such persons in their lives.

These are the kind of friends that we can draw strength from when we are faced with enormous challenges in our lives that seem insurmountable. They can be in the form of family members, workmates or even schoolmates. True friends can come in different forms, shapes and sizes. Again, do not be discouraged if you find them very few in numbers because truth is, when it comes to real friendship, it’s Quality over Quantity.

So once you do find them, Cherish them, Appreciate them and do not hesitate to share with them your burdens for they really value such trust and openness.

 Finally, as you sort and look for these gems among your current acquaintances and friends, please do not forget to also be a True Friend to the ones you have for Love and Kindness goes both ways.