True Happiness can be Achieved!

TGIF! (Thank God It’s Friday)

Another workweek has just passed and the good news is that . . . We Survived It! Hurray for Us! Now, we are looking at the weekends. The land of family, loved ones, friends, rest, recreation and of course HAPPINESS!

And to put things in the right perspective for your “Weekend Mode”, let’s start it off with a “Happy Thought” and what else can be happier than “Happiness” itself. Most of the time, we depict our search for genuine happiness as a never-ending pursuit. A lot of times, people look for True Bliss inside other people, places or things. However, the truth of the matter is simple . . . “You make or create your own happiness in life.”

The formation of Lasting and Pure Happiness starts from deep within YOU! It begins with your decision to be truly happy, followed by your choices that make it happen and capped off with the goals that you set in order to achieve the level of happiness that you are aiming for.

Level of Happiness, you might ask. Yes, there is such because aside from us having different concepts of what makes us happy, there is also the fact that some of us are already satisfied with simple forms of happiness while others need a more intricate kind. You would have to discover “The Level” that is suited for you through your constant attempts to know what truly makes you happy. Would you believe that the journey is going to be Fun and . . . Happy?

However, before you rush into things, kindly keep in mind that there are also Two (2) types of happiness. One is Genuine Happiness, which we all seek for in our lifetimes. The 2nd type is referred to as “Fleeting Happiness”

Fleeting Happiness are joyous feelings that end or have an expiration date on them. Examples of this type of happiness are those of winning a game or of getting a promotion at work.

Set your goals to always aim for those that fall under the Permanent Type of Happiness and surprisingly, those that are considered Fleeting Happiness Types will be achieved along the way of your journey towards True and Pure Happiness.

So look deep within yourself and then ask . . . what does TRUE HAPPINESS look like to me? And then start creating your goals. Be Happy and Stay Happy!