How to Feel “UNSTOPPABLE” in Pursuing your Goals in 2016

The New Year of 2016 is just around the corner. And for a lot of people the coming of a brand new year is always synonymous with that of a “New Start”. This is the period where the opportunity to change anything or everything that is currently happening in one’s life can be done. The time for making New Year Resolutions, the time for drafting new plans and pursuing new goals.

Pursuing your goals whether they are new goals or even old ones is definitely a step in the right direction in our Life’s Journey towards Success. However, having goals is not enough. For there are other vitals elements that must be present like that of plans on how to achieve your goal/s, consistently execution of the plan/s, follow through on the plan/s and also a measure of success so you would know if it’s working or not.

The year 2015 was a challenging one for me when I decided to pursue some of the things that I wanted (My Life Goals). I came out battle scarred but from my point of view, Triumphant!

With this, I wanted to share with you “My Learnings” from the past year. My purpose is to help all of you become “Unstoppable” in 2016 when it came to pursuing your goals!

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