How I Beat Procrastination!

It’s December! This means that the holidays are just around the corner. And that also means Fun, Fun, Fun for Everyone!

However, before we get carried away, the month of December also brings with it earlier deadlines at work and a truck-full of chores and activities to be done at home. Include and in bold CHRISTMAS GIFT GIVING! Delightful if you are on the “Receiving End” but terrifying if you are on the “Giving End” since it means you have to SHOP! All of this can lead to the dreaded word “Procrastination”

Starting on certain activities or projects both in our work or that of our personal life should be viewed as something exciting to do. Sadly, it is at this stage that we commonly experience “Analysis Paralysis” or that act of analysing or thinking too much of a project or activity that results to us not being able to start it. We end up doing nothing. Plainly put it leads us to the “Act of Procrastination”.

They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Instead of going with “Ready, Aim and Fire” in starting a venture that can end up being “Ready, Aim . . . Aim . . . Aim . . . Aim”, why don’t we change the order to that of “Ready, Fire, Aim and Re-Aim”?

In  line  with this,   let   me   share   with  you   the   following   video   about  “How  I  Beat Procrastination”  and  got  stuff  done!  I  am  sure  we can all relate to this since we’ve been  there  one  time  or  another.  Telling  ourselves  lines  like:  “Ah,  I  will  do  that tomorrow!”,  "I still  have  a week until the deadline”,  “That  is easy and quick. It will just take me 5 minutes to finish.” and a whole lot more excuses not to do things immediately.

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