The Art of Letting Go

I woke up today and decided that I would talk to all through this blog about “The Art of Letting Go”. At one time, I was coaching one of my clients who noticed herself being overly involved in trying to control the outcome of a particular plan that she wanted to happen in her life.

I won't go into details for confidentiality reasons but basically she was struggling and losing sleep over worrying about the outcome! How many of us can relate to that? I’m certainly guilty of it from time to time. 

Many times in our lives we have gotten overly involved by worrying too much on how a particular situation might turn out. This is especially true when we care about the "outcome". We simply get scared stiff of letting go and letting the natural course of things to flow.

It is our attachment to the outcomes that keeps us in its grip and does not allow us to surrender to the possibilities. It's like amazing things are waiting to happen but we are blocking them by worrying too much. However, the “straight up” truth is (and I often have to remind myself too!) that We will Never have 100% Control of the Outcomes. What we do have full control over is Our Mindset on how things might turn out and our reactions to the outcome

I can tell you there are so many times when I just needed to get out of the way and things started lining up for good. Nothing was really happening until I made the decision to start letting go of the outcomes.

If you have already done everything in your power to ensure the success of an outcome and are now just waiting for the results of your efforts, it is a good idea to apply the “art of letting go” and let things resolve themselves.

Initially, you may find it hard letting go especially if you like to control or plan things to the T (Being a Control Freak). This almost always ends up taking away from us our sleep and peace of mind only to realize later on that it  doesn't solve anything.

What I do instead is say out loud or under my breath, "I surrender! I am not sure why things are not working out but I am willing to let go and see things differently. I allow things that are meant for me to come into my life". As you say these words, make sure that deep in your heart that you believe in them. Only then when you start letting go that the magic start to happen and thing more often than night start falling into place. 

As you decide to start applying “The Art of Letting Go”, you may find these 3 simple techniques quite handy:

1)   Keep a Journal and Write out all your Worries in that journal

On any day when you seem to be struggling start writing down your worries. What it does is it takes you out of the grip of “the ego” and lets you see the situation as it actually is. It gives you time to pause and reflect on the situation. However, if what you wrote is really ugly and you would rather not keep it in your journal, then do a “Bruce Lee”!

Simply rip that page out of the journal, tear it into small pieces, burn it and flush the ashes down the toilet as a final send off.  That was how Bruce Lee managed the worries in his life. I apply it when needed and it works wonderfully in my practice of letting go. 

2)   Learn to Meditate

If you worry too much that you struggle with sleep, try to practice meditating for 10 minutes. You can pick your favorite meditation video from YouTube using "10 minute guided meditation for sleep" as a search term. It has helped me a ton in times of stress when I was losing sleep. 

3)   Move it!

When we are worried in our minds, guess where the effects show up? In our bodies! Find an exercise, hobby or dance move that gets you moving. Motion creates emotions is what my mentor Tony Robbins have been teaching about for years.

He says, “To change Emotions in our bodies, We need to create Motion”. Moving our body is a perfect way to "Get Rid of Worry" and give your mind and body a break by moving and those endorphins are good for you anyway. I often put my favorite music and start busting a move!  For those of you who know me, you definitely know that I love to dance. Find your own jazz and use it as a form of letting go! :-)

I have used the art of letting go both at work and in my personal life situations and things have improved for the better because that's what's natural. It's our birthright to be joyous but our ego gets in the way.

Our egos want us to keep us in its grip by fogging our mind with "what ifs" thoughts and because many of us don't know how to unplug from the negative thoughts, we end up not get close to what we want and in the process feel irritated, drained and sad.

But there is a way out! I hope you find this post useful and you also choose to practice the “Art of Letting Go” in your life and live a joyous satisfied life.

Till next time. Take good care of yourself.

Do you have your own methods in “Letting Go”? I surely would like to hear about them so we can share them here and allow others to benefit from them as well. Feel free to start filling up the comments field below. Thank you!