“Fighting the Resistance”

I hope that everyone had a Great Weekend! Quality Time spent with family, friends or with both. Today, I will just be following up on our topic last Friday on “How I Beat Procrastination!” by discussing about “Fighting the Resistance”.

Now that you have already started your activity, venture or project (fingers crossed behind my back), the next bump on your road to success is the Temptation to Give In to all or any resistance that you may encounter along the way.

What if the boss will laugh at my idea? What if my product won’t sell? What if my business partners think I’m a “basket case” or on my way to the “loony bin” because of my unusual proposals? What if nobody from my intended audience would even pay attention to me? These are but some of the doubts that come into our minds resulting to us setting aside or turning back on things that we have started.

“Turning Back” and going the other way is always the easiest method of dealing with any Resistance, Challenge or Obstacle that we encounter in life. And if we give in to this method of “Fighting the Resistance”, later on we end up spending our twilight years regretting what we did not do and asking ourselves never-ending “What If” questions.

Taking Heart and Perseverance are the best ways to deal with Resistance. Go over, under or around the obstacle confronting you. In the famous lines of a popular shoe brand “Just Do It!” since you know deep within you that it’s the right thing to do.

Just keep on pushing and fighting the resistance for the fruits of your struggles will be worth every effort that you exerted dealing with the roadblocks barring your path to success.


So, are you going to go face to face with your “resistance” in life or are you going to back down? The choice is yours to make.