Be the Best Version of You

Can you hold this thought for a moment? “You are here on Earth to Be, Do and Live with the Best Version of You!”

Keep that realization in your mind from now on because the Best Version of You is where you will find Genuine Happiness, Joy and Peace that you have been searching and craving for all throughout your life.

Life is a classroom and you are here on earth to learn lessons and to continue evolving to become the Best Version of You. Like me, you will just have to accept the fact that you will always be a student in this university called Earth.

I have had many life experiences and also read numerous books with theories backing up the reality of the need to constantly learn about yourself so you can attain the Best Version of You.

And whenever I am struggling learning a life lesson whether big or small, I know it's because I need to understand something so I can continue moving forward in my journey to know myself better. As soon as I learn the lesson being given, I instantly feel happy and peaceful, confident in the knowledge that the situation will NEVER show up again. If it does however, it just indicates that my initial education was not sufficient and is required to be re-learned and re-remembered. That’s how Life takes care of me.

But most of the time, I know that a lot of us run around and exert efforts to make ourselves as busy as possible. This is hoping that if we make ourselves busy enough then life would exempt us from having to learn the “life lesson” being imparted to us.

Nowadays, “Being Busy” is a trend. It’s hip even! “Nothing can slow me down!” is your daily battle cry. But know this, out of all things you got to do in your life, taking some time out daily “to work on yourself” is the most important thing you should do to achieve your dream of having a happy and peaceful life. To constantly work in becoming the best version of you!

“Working on yourself” allows you to discover what is it that truly brings you joy, the things that give you contentment and makes life worth living.

Unfortunately, a lot of people continue to feel lost and frequently encounter suffering just because they don’t have the slightest clue of what really brings them joy. They allow their happiness to depend on the actions of other people instead of taking care of it themselves. But if you know what truly brings you joy and peace then you will be in the driver’s seat on your journey through life.

There would be no need to wait or depend on someone else to make you feel good? If you know yourself, you can't help but engage in activities that you know will result to feeling good! One step further in becoming the “Best Version of You.” 

So you might now ask, “How do I start working on myself?”  Well since I'm practicing life coaching and have worked on myself as my 1st ever client, I can tell you with certainty that working on yourself begins with knowing yourself.

How well do you know yourself? Who are you really? Not in the sense of labels like “My name is John and I am an Engineer.”  What I meant is in the sense of knowledge and understanding of your personal values, your life’s purpose and your particular mission in life. You clearly know the answer to all of the questions above so you engage in activities that truly make you feel good.

What do you care about? What makes you feel joyful and abundant? What fulfills you?  What difference do you want to make in the world before you die? I searched for answers in every nook and corner, and I have found a way to get to know myself and now I help others.

Do you ever find yourself in situations where you ask yourself, "How did I get here?", "What am I doing here?" or "I wish I was in ________, with ____________ etc." If you have said or have thought that before, then that's a big hint! That it’s time to start to know your real self or you will continue to find yourself in situations you don't want to be in. That you are not yet being the Best Version of You!

Ever since I have gotten clear on my values, I have made better decisions in all areas of my life. In fact making big or small decisions have become relatively easy for me. It has spared me from stress and grief that usually accompany the decision process. Every single day, I am more conscious of doing things or engaging in activities that make me happy and to avoid activities or actions misaligned with my values. There is a sense of joy in whatever I do because I feel in full control of my happiness! 

We are all made unique for a reason; there is no one quite like you. Don't hide who you really are. Know yourself and flaunt it! The world needs that special self that you are. I promise that you won't regret getting closer to yourself. Again, become “The Best Version of YOU!”

Are you truly happy and content? Are you seeing the best version of you? If not, then it’s never too late become friends with yourself. Do it! Be happy and at peace!