How to STOP Procrastinating and get stuff done

Hello everyone!!!! I am so excited to be writing on the new Blog here on this beautiful website. Thanks to my web editor Amy S. for collaborating with me to put this beautiful baby together!

Today, I wanted to share the following YT video about How I beat Procrastination and get stuff done! I am sure we can all relate where we know we need to get stuff done (and its important too) but we keep saying to ourselves "Ah, I will do that tomorrow!" OR " I dont have money today to start my own business" or "I suck at this so I can't take on this project at work even though it will help you climb up the career ladder" etc. etc. etc.

Well I am sharing my tips with you below in a 5 minute video to help you "thinking right" and "taking action" :)

Hope you enjoy and please share below on how you beat procrastination! :)