Have you been laid off from your company recently? Here's what to do next..

If you have been laid off recently and are struggling to find another job, I know that you are not alone. Ever since the price of oil has dipped to its lowest point that we have ever seen, many employees are now being let go from their jobs. 

You know whenever there are tough times in our life, there is always a silver lining attached to it. The key is to find that silver lining.

I know many of my friends are being laid off from their secure jobs because companies simply can't afford them anymore. First of all, I see people take this decision to heart (take it personally). Its easy to because you put your time, effort, hard work into this job and now you don't have it. If you are one of those people, I want you to know that "being hard on yourself" during this process is one of the worst ways to deal with the situation.

I am a Life and a Career Coach and I show people tools that they can use to create a life and a career they love. I see this time as a perfect opportunity to "Jumpstart Your Career and Life". How do you do that? Here are couple of simple steps:

1) Take time to accept where you are today. Take an honest look at how your life outside of your work was when you did have that job. Did the job allow you to do things you always wanted to do (Travel, Spend time with family and friends, take up a project that's really close to your heart, exercise, spend good quality time with your kids etc.) or was the job just helping you to to pay the bills and most of the days you were actually quite miserable?  If it didn't allow you more time to do the things you love while also paying the bills, why would you even think about going back to that job again? I encourage you to make a different choice this time, a choice that works for you and your priorities :)

2) Express Gratitude for where you stand today - Yes yes I know its really hard to be thankful when you "perceive" the situation to be sucky. But guess what, the only way to get out of this funk is to be grateful for what you do have today so you can have the energy to do more and get ahead while everyone else is having a pity party.

3) Make time to take care of yourself - Now that there is no job to go to, is there a friend you haven't visited in a while? Is there a volunteer organization you always wanted to work with? Have you been wanting to go backpacking and travel for a while but 2 weeks vacation just was not enough time? Then, do it now! my friend, the best moment to do the things you always wanted to do is NOW! Plan something and act on it. Not only will you feel good following through with yourself but you will GET OUT THERE and be social. You never know who might know who and who can help you out.

4) Seek Help: Gosh, this is a big one! Instead of hiding in your room and wondering how you are going to move forward, get out there and seek help. If you were in a job that didn't make you feel happy, feel challenged, appreciated or you knew working in that job that you are meant to do more, then time has come to re-assess where is it that you want to head NOW. Seek a Career or a Life Coach who can help you clarify what is it that important to you in your life and in a career. Coaches can support, challenge you to be more, seek more out of yourself and your life. 

Building a career and life you love is a conscious choice, it cannot be any other way. The choice is yours - do you want to stay stuck and wonder what it would take to create a life and career you love OR will you make the choice to stay stuck and not seek help and just let life pass you by? Nothing is right or wrong - its all about what you want to create and how you want to live!

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Only with one session, you will walk away with clarity on where you need to head and what you need to do as fast as possible to start owning it! Use this "being laid off" time to discover yourself and start being clear on what career you want to build around a life you want to live and not have a career and have no life. 

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Hope you are well! Take good care of yourself and talk soon! :)