How to Make Choices that “Free” You

Hello Friends!

 I hope your 2016 is off to a great start. If not, then keep on reading!

Question: Have you ever felt stuck in life wherein there is something you really want to do but are unable to do it? You are unable to start your plans as you find yourself saying, “What would so and so think or say about me if I pushed through with my plans or endeavors?”

Studying evolution, I have understood that the “dumb part” of our brain wants safety. It wants to be accepted and loved by everyone ALL THE TIME.

I call it the “dumb part” of the brain because it hasn’t evolved yet to realize that we only want to be liked and accepted by our close friends and family. However, our mind wants to please the world, wants to be loved by EVERY ONE.

Have you realized how busy you are in your life to actually notice other people’s activities?  How often do we think about other people’s lives and what they are doing? Not much…right?

So by that logic, I can’t possibly expect the world to love me, all the time. Heck! No one has even got time to pay attention to their own lives, let alone watch my every move and judge me on how I am doing!

Living day to day, I have to tell myself that I am accepted and so loved by my close family and friends. That they accept me for all I do and won’t judge me but rather understand all the choices I make in my life. I watch myself and don’t allow the “dumb” part of my brain to control me. I control it!

I watch the “dumb part” as it tries to tell me how I must do things in my life so as to be liked by everyone. But I ignore it and completely disregard the notions it tries to convey . . . that I have to live my life based on the world’s expectations.

I feel SO FREE when I do the things that I know brings me joy.

The story that I just told you is what I struggle with sometimes and I know that you do too. So, I decided to share and tell you what got me out of this rut! I am human and my emotions get stuck in a rut too. The “dumb part” of the brain takes over and I find myself making decisions to please everyone but me!

Since Christmas, I felt foggy, not centered, sluggish, dealing with grief thoughts, and life felt like a rough uphill battle until yesterday when I realized that I am AGAIN making choices to please the world and ignoring myself, my needs and my wants.

Whenever I struggle in life now, it’s not long until I find myself using the systems I have in place (my tested and tried methods which I also teach to other people because they work). I use these systems so I can put my emotions aside and look at a situation objectively and move forward. This is the Desire Mapping System that I teach at my workshops called Desire Map workshops. The next workshop will be on February 27 and 28, 2016 (Register at on or before February 6, 2016 and avail of our “Early Bird” Promo for discounts).

Back to the story, I looked at how I most wanted to feel and I realized that I was nowhere near how I wanted to feel. Some of my Core Desired Feelings (CDFs) are to feel: Courageous, Connected within and Joyful. However, what I was actually feeling was “Small, Disconnected and Joyless”. No wonder I was struggling!

I then truly and authentically decided no longer to lie to myself and be totally real. To be true to what my needs are. I now feel so JOYFUL taking care of my true needs and not giving a rat’s ass about what anyone else thinks.

So my CDFs of feeling Courageous, Connected within and Joyfulness have lifted me out of the fogginess that my brain was in and has taken me closer to how I MOST WANT TO FEEL.

Heading into 2016, I KNOW What I want most, how I want to feel and what I need to stop doing and START doing to feel HOW I MOST WANT TO FEEL.

I feel so free, clear and excited!

Now I want this for you~ So, I invite you to come to the next Desire Map - DM workshop and if you are interested in learning this system too and want to sign up for the virtual workshops (keep your eyes out for an upcoming save the date link) in the newsletter in 2016.

Thank you again for supporting us in 2015 and we look forward to serving you in 2016!