Who is in control?

There is a line in Shri Guru Grant Shaib Ji - "Hukame under sabko, bahar humak na koy". This means everything is happening under his command. 

Who is the "he" here? He is referred to the divine/universe/God.

We don't need to worry over anything because what is happening in our life is not in our control at all. 

It relaxes you, doesn't it?

it also means "Everything is happening for you, NOT TO YOU."

If everything in life, good, bad, ugly is happening FOR ME, How will I act in life today?

If what is happening for me in my life in my control, then why am I sweating the small, big and rough stuff.

What I need to do is surrender and accept 

Because wise people know happiness is in surrendering, not being control freaks.

Try it for a day, what do you have to loose?

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