How to deal with people who are rude/have done some wrong?

Have you ever experienced hating someone?

Have you ever thought why "that person" is such a b*tch?

I know, I have been there.

Many times.

I learned a lesson in Gurbani about "Compassion" today and It said that no one is as bad as me. 

I am the bad one

It makes me think every time I think of someone being harsh or rude and me not liking that quality is actually because I have also been harsh and rude to someone else

So, no one is as bad as me

I can only call someone bad and call it wrong, if I have never done it.


Compassion for self wins

Compassion for other wins too

It starts with looking at our own actions, our own nature and then showing compassion to ourselves.

If I take a look within, I will find those characteristics within me

I perceive other people through my own glasses, What I see in others is through the glasses I am wearing

What I say about others isn't the truth

What I say about others is how I perceive it

And how I perceive it - through my own judgement of my own character.

I can't throw rocks at the person who has done wrong especially I myself have done it also