How do deal with the nasty feeling of Jealousy?

Jealousy is a feeling

It makes you feel bad

Like you are not enough, you dont know enough, you dont have enough

basically lack mentality

It makes you forget what is good and great about your life

and Instead you "zoom in" on only what really sucks in your life

and all your energy goes into "counting other people's blessings" and comparing it to "what sucks in your life"

Jealousy is just that - a thought process where you forget about the good in your life and starts "zooming in" on the parts of other people

We have all been jealous, I certainly have been

Especially when I am scrolling through Facebook

I was today

Therefore I am writing about it, to remind myself

Then I pulled out my journal and took a moment to write about what I am grateful for?

I wrote 20 things

Then I went for a walk with my puppy and my lovely hubby

Then I thought about how I get to work from home

Then I thought about how beautiful the weather is today

My family, friends who care so much about me.

And life seemed rosy again

All is well. and It was always well.

Stay Rosy <3

Till Next Time