The positive side of struggling

Struggle - make one's way with difficulty/have difficulty handling or coping with/engage in conflict

The above is the definition from

Every one has struggled at one point or the other

It is often through struggles, we know our real worth

If we have a commitment to make things work, then no matter the struggles, we need to stick through it

The positive side of struggling is that we have to become a different person in order to deal with it

Struggle and still carry on with the faith that I will make it through

Leaders become out of struggle

When I think of the word struggle, few leaders pop into my mind

Les Brown, one of the very famous motivational speaker comes to mind. I heard about his story once. He talked about he committed he was to his art of public speaking and business building that he had to sleep in his office on days end because he had no where to live. 

He took shower at the office showers (facility you use after using an onsite company gym) for weeks before someone reported him to security

Another person that comes to mind from my own family is my grandma. She was widowed at 20 years old with 5 kids. She had no education, no real skill set to raise a family of 5. But somehow she made it through and lived to be 80 years old.

She did it, and Les Brown did it too.

So can we.

We just have to hold on to this belief that "I must never give up"

I must hold on to the faith instead and say "I will make it through" or "I will figure out a way"

Because if we quit on the struggle, we quit on ourselves

Then we will never really know what would have happened if I would have kept up with it

Because we never really let the struggle show us what we are made up of!

You now naturally know and are aware of the unlimited potential that lies in front of you to start experiencing who you really are.