Low Mind, High Morality - My fav concept of living life

Maan neeva maat uchi (Punjabiਮਨ ਨੀਵਾਂ ਮੱਤ ਉੱਚੀ) is a quotation from the third part of the Sikh Ardas.

This phrase underlines an underlying and highly important concept in Sikhism; the first term "Maan Neeva" literally means "mind low" and highlights the concept of living ones life in humility and a Sikh must discard his or her ego and live a life of humbleness without vanity and snobbishness.

The second term "Maat Uchi" means "morality high"; this second term highlights the concept of living a life which adheres to high moral values and high spiritual principles. So here, the Sikh is asked to live a life of high moral standards with discipline, self-control and virtues endowed; refraining from lowly deeds and keeping away from sinful actions and thoughts.

The above is a language quoted from

I wanted to write about this today because when we are looking for a way to live life of truth, sometimes we don't know who to turn to for that advice

I know in my family, not a lot of people live in this manner so examples are far and few

For me, I have been looking for a path for a while, and have found it in Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, 

Everyday, I learn something new and write about it here - because it literally gets written on my consciousness

Then I trust that anyone who needs to hear these messages will hear it somehow

Everyday, I will have the opportunity to make a choice from a space of "High Morality" and not from my lowly mind.

Our conscious minds, that make about 3% of the decisions daily cannot make higher level choices unless we direct it to.

The other 97% of the decision making comes from the subconscious mind - things like digestion, breathing - happens without our conscious decision making

After all, we, the consciousness is in control

Because we (the consciousness) are in control, we need to direct our minds on how to act

That's where the above knowledge comes in handy.

Lets keep our minds desires low and keep morality high