Why I stopped wearing makeup

As long as I have lived, I have known that girls/ladies/females wear makeup to enhance our beauty

Its only recently that I have learned that I have been supporting a billion dollar industry because I was insecure

See wearing makeup is not bad or good, its why we do it

I was doing it to cover my insecurities and frankly also because everyone around me was doing it too!

I have decided to stop wearing makeup

I don't condemn makeup

I dont condemn other people wearing makeup

Its not about condemning other people

This is a personal journey

And for me, I want to define my own definition of what is beautiful

I just find myself content just as I am

Just as I was born

As I was made

I no longer have to give into the definition of beauty that isn't my own

Being my natural self is what is authentic to me

And I am the embodiment of my thoughts

And so it is....

Till next time,