On Taking A Risk

Sometimes life requires taking risks

At least with taking risks, we are deciding to do something

To move forward

Or we stay safe in the puddle of indecision

But in indecision, there is no progress

I am facing a big business decision today

And it requires faith


Faith is all that there is

FEAR = is just the stories we tell ourselves

The same BS all over and over and over again

In a moment of weakness, I coach my clients to hold on to the faith, hold on to the possibilities

Figure out a way to have more faith than fear 

Ask yourself, "How can I do this?"

"What do I absolutely need to make me more excited to move forward?"

However crazy it sounds, write down - what are your must have's in order to make this risk worthwhile?

Let me know if these help! I know they have helped me in the past and today.