Daily Habit - Once a Day - Do not act on what your mind says

At least once a day I tend to not listen to my mind

I am aware of what it says to me

And it is usually the recycled information from the past few days

Which mostly is good, with some really nasty parts 


By practicing this habit at least once a day, I am telling my mind that its not in control

Our ego minds can make us do so much, that actually isnt for our betterment or infact not for the betterment of the people around us

Its a habit that has led me to:

- Stick to my routines that continue to serve me (Praying, Fitness etc.)

- Feel in control about guiding myself in the highest way

- Practice Self Compassion when I really could use a HUG

- Do what needs to get done despite NOT FEELING like it

Many many benefits!

Try it for yourself, I know I will be increasing it to more than once per day

Rock your day!