Emotional Happiness

When I really think about what I provide my clients

The answer is Emotional Happiness

I help you break free of negative emotional patterns

All emotions serve purpose

But far too often, we get stuck feeling negative emotions for way too long

Mainly bec we dont know how to get out

So what does emotional happiness look like?

It means you have inner peace

You feel happy not because you gained something (When then can be lost)

Also not because someone said something nice to you (when they can be mean next time)

Also not because life is going well for you (when life definitely goes through the up and down cycles)

It means that you have the awareness, knowledge and beliefs that supports your emotional happiness meter

When your emotional happiness meter is high, no one bothers you, no thing bothers you.

You just are - a compassionate being towards yourself and others

You just are - living life without judgement of yourself and others

You feel free, fly high, and love in your heart and freedom in your spirit.