Importance of a self care routine

Here are the 3 main reasons why people either dont have a self care routine or don't follow it consistently:

1) They don't know what to do - that will generate the right results. Ie. Feel good by spending the smallest amount of time and effort.  

2) Feeling guilty about taking time our for themselves  

3) Cant stay consistent.  Can get started on something new, only to find themselves in the same place again.  

Whatever you reason, you are in the right place. 

I'm a fan of small micro routines and I have been testing for years. By far, having a well hacked morning routine delivers results everytime! 

To solve #1 problem, remember a GEM routine delivers results. G - Gratefulness,   E - Exercise and M - Meditation/Prayer. 

Problem #2: Most women grow up learning from their mothers that motherhood is about bring a martyr. So the guilty feeling is something that is being mapped from their moms experience. This can be erased quickly with 1 or 2 sessions with a NLP Coca through us. Sign up here for a free consultation to see how NLP can free you:  

#3: This speaks to your "Fear of Failure". Because you ahve failed before, you will continue to fail again. Right? Not necessarily. You may or may not fail. The key is in figuring out why you are afraid to fail? Journal about it and find your reason or work with a coach who can help you work past this problem so you can easily and effortlessly create results in your life.

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