Keep Going

No you cannot give up

You must not

People need who you are

We need you!

When you feel like giving up, THAT is the moment to not listen to your mind (Read yesterday's post)

That is the moment to drag your feet and keep moving forward

Giving up is not an option


Remember when you are in a boot camp class and you feel uncomfortable in a certain move, sometimes you have made it through, you stuck with them, did your best, and got through

You just gotta use the same muscle here and keep going

Keep going because going also feels good

Its more empowering to your nervous system than giving up!

Keep Going

Small steps count

You dont have to run today, don't even have to walk...

Just keep crawling

Back to basics

That's right...You got this

Get through today by crawling 

And tomorrow you will be walking

And then running

Keep Going