Be Brutally Honest

Why do you keep sugarcoating things?

Who are you trying to impress still?

Dear, please don't lie to yourself

Be brutally honest

Is this yours to do?

My mind says - "Its not gonna work"

My heart then whispers, "Keep on going"

My soul says, "Hold onto faith, faith moves mountains"

And now I shed a tear as I write this

Bec the soul wisdom is powerful

and Heart-Opening

When the heart opens, its bec a part of you resonates with a deeper truth

Be honest

I have done it before, I can do it again

Maybe pull back a little

Not full-throttle

Become less ambitious

A bit softer

Soften Up

You will make it

You have already made it

I got a roof over my head

I got money in the bank

I got clients to serve

I got talents to give

Got my loving hubby and family for support

Got buggu for kissies

Have Waheguru as the co-creator

Being brutally honest

There are tough days

There are great days

I am more than ever aligned to my talents and abilities

Business building takes time

Its independent of hard work, patience, resiliency

It just takes time

I never thought I would be a business owner

I didn't even know what coaching was - before 2014

But the day I studied myself and who I was 

The match was for coaching

And I followed the whispers of my heart

One step in front of other

Have created something I am proud of

Something that creates a change in people

Something that matters

If I had 1 month to live, I would still be doing this work

Bec it matters

People matter

Their families matter

Their heart aches matter

Their happiness matters

Being brutally honest, Its not even about the money

Its about advancing the soul

Its about sharing and touching

Its about being of service

Its about being of help to a needy one

Its about connecting deep, with someone, who feels lonely

Its about guiding so people can take steps on their own

Its about empowering that anything is possible for you!

Being brutally honest

Thank you for opening up!