Do you feel good going after your goals?

It’s the end of the year and I don’t know about you but I use December to slow down, reflect on what worked, what didn’t, celebrate our failures, acknowledge the successes and dream for next year.

One of the lessons I have learned is that: Setting goals that feel good is NEVER ENOUGH.

We must ensure that “going after those goals” also feels good.

I think so often we set a goal, something from our bucket list, set an ideal and then “will do anything” to achieve.

This “will do anything” usually get us in trouble.

This is the time where we are so focused on achieving this one goal, that we are usually willing to sacrifice other areas of our life.

Am I right or Am I right?

Stop for a moment!

You stopped? Good.

You must be a good listener.

Listen, do you feel good going after your goals?

No?Then why do you do it?

Oh you have no other choice?

You sure?

Have you asked yourself, “What are my other choices here?”

A good question to ask here is: “How can I get to this goal that is stress-free, fun and exciting process?”

Because the process to get to the goal – is where you are spending majority of your time

Achieving the goal and basking in the glory – lasts for few minutes? Or maybe even few days and then you are back to the drawing board again

When you ask this question next time: How can I get to this goal where the process of going after the goal could be stress-free, fun and exciting?

The process has got to feel the SAME WAY ACHIEVING THE GOAL DOES, because that’s where your life is happening and passing you by!

As you come up with your answers, stay open to what comes up!

And think about who else can help you, who can you rely on, who can you pull in on this (if you feel ok to depend)

Include everyone and everything, be resourceful

You will surprise yourself in how many different ways you can come up with Rather than the old thought –“I will do anything it takes”

Once you have written your ideas, pick your top 3 fun and exciting ideas and start to take action

If  you are finding that you are not willing to take action on these things, then something has gone wrong.

Either your ideas are fun, but you are scared to take action

Or there is fear present whether this will actually work or not

Or the newness of this approach is outside your comfort zones

Being a Neuro Linguistic Master Practitioner, I can actually erase the root cause of this fear so you are able to take the right action easily and effortlessly.

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Otherwise, happy goal chasing!

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Let me know if this post resonated with you in the comments below.

Happy December