Letter to the Universe

Some days, we don't feel our best. 

I am sure you can relate.

When I struggle, instead of focusing on how I am feeling today or in this moment, I reach for a better "feeling" thought.

And for me, that's a thought of SURRENDER. 

Surrendering to who I am becoming and who I am no more.

Surrendering to what is working in life and what is not.

Surrendering to Life's possibilities and letting life happen - whether I like it or not.

I wrote a "Letter to the universe" today. A simple message of surrendering.

*This is a tool I use from my toolkit to clear my head and align it with my heart center. Its works EVERY TIME!*

Dear Universe. I trust you. I trust that everything I want, you will bring me the ways to manifest it. I will be waiting for your signs. I will stay awake day after day to learn the “how”. All I know is what I want. What I want is based on my feelings. This is what I want to feel in my life (body, health, business, work, relationships, essence and spirituality).



Co-creator with You

 Being in Surrender – letting you call the shots

Free of the internal war/mind games

Love (in and around me)


With what I know today, I am falling into struggle, resistance, doubt, lack mentality. Feeling grief, giving into the drama my mind creates where I am in the lead role.Leading this role has left me feeling fried, drained, tired, not enough, not having enough, not loved, unworthy of happiness now and in the future. I have had enough. I can't carry on like this anymore. Its too difficult. I know there is a better way. A way of co-creating with you.

I am in surrender and let you take control. 

With All my Love,


If you are familiar with the work I do with Desire Mapping, you'll notice I am reaching for the "feelings" in my letter as a way of knowing that I am "on the right track". It helps me immensely to know that whatever decisions I am making in life are making me FEEL GOOD AT THE END OF THE DAY! 

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