Achieve success, love, Inner Peace, and happiness without much effort (Introducing R.Y.S.E.)

The above picture of me is on a beach in Mexico recently on a vacation.

The above picture is also me FEELING GOODbecause my spiritual energy was raised.

Today, I want to introduce you to one of my creative projects that I will be working on for the next few months to RYSE. 

R.Y.S.E = Raise Your Spiritual Energy

See, for the last 7 years, I have been asking myself some deep questions: What am I doing on Earth? What is the purpose of my life? Why did I choose to birth myself in this human experience? What am I here to learn?

But the answers did not come easily at first, they are coming through years and years of life experiences.

I meditated deeply on my questions on my vacation and something very simple rose to the surface. I am clearer than ever - as to what my life purpose is for being on earth. Infact, that is the Life Purpose of all of us.Life Purpose is to RYSE (Raise My Spiritual Energy) so that I can live to my HIGHEST POTENTIAL and complete my dharma and evolve. I know I have also come here to teach and elevate others on the journey of spreading love to help you RYSE also. Let's RYSE so we can have all the love, success and happiness. 

I believe that "It's not that I am a human being having a spiritual experience" but that "I am a spirit having a human experience".Because I believe that I am spirit, my body is made up of matter and underneath the matter are the atoms, which all vibrate at energy, so while I am in a physical form - my essence is energy. I believe that we are all energies walking around day to day living our lives having one human experience after another.

Now, more than ever I believe its time for me to step into my true purpose and Raise my spiritual Energy because I am a spirit. We all are. It's that if I take care of myself, maintain my spiritual energy vibration levels, I attract high vibration realities which is success, health, wealth, happiness, love etc. The challenge however is, how to maintain the high energies in our life. That's where the RYSE project will help us.

But if I don't ever tend to level up my spiritual energy bank, then I am running at a low vibration. Because I maintain a fairly low vibration, I attract life reality that is also vibrating at a lower frequencies. So I attract diseases, tense neck and shoulders, deeply addicted to sugar, feelings of guilt, shame, self-doubt and judgement.

I came back from my vacation with enlightened clarity that I am going to step into my Life Purpose through RYSE.

I have started the process already in my life - cleaning up 5 life areas. 

The 3 life areas where I am starting the process are listed below, starting with Food & Body, Faith & Rituals, and Work & Business. 

I will reveal the other 2 categories next time.