What is RYSE? Raise Your Spiritual Energy (Movement)

Last month, I spoke to you about R.Y.S.E. 

R.Y.S.E = Raise Your Spiritual Energy

I got such positive responses. Some of you that relate to the message wrote back. Thank you.

Since RYSE is my life purpose, I am in the process of designing my whole life to my life purpose so every thing works in alignment. Today, I want to take 1 of he 5 life areas and share with you what changes I have been making.  

In the life area of Food & Wellness, I am making the following commitments to R.Y.S.E (Raise my Spiritual Energy)

A) I am working on releasing all refined sugar from my diet. 
B) I am also working on minimizing "low spiritual energy foods" such as meat & alcohol. 

C) I will be eating more "colored foods" as they increase our spiritual energy (veggies and fruits); colored foods also effect different chakras in our body.

To help with the above goals, I have made more changes to my environment:

1) I have chucked/given away all refined sugar items from my fridge - candy, chocolate, cake, package brownies etc. (Can you tell how addicted I was to sugar? Its in everything).

2) I have bought more vegetables and fruits. I eat an orange, or grapes, or an apple when I have a sugar craving.

3) I also learned how to make healthy brownies  at home (sugar free, gluten free). Here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P97EPVLLoYM

The brownies in the fridge helps in those weak moments when fruit won't cut the sugar craving.

Now, your turn: What is 1 goal can you work on - in the life area of Food & Wellness to raise your spiritual energy field? Let us know over below in the comments below.

*If you are having trouble coming up with a goal in this area - start here - Focus on HOW YOU FEEL after eating certain food* - having awareness with your food is a good place to start. Keep a Food Journal.

If you or you have a friend that wants to release sugar from her diet, make changes to her diet to raise the bar on her energy levels, please share this with her. She will thank you! <3