Why we should define success and How to?

When I am working with my career coaching clients, I notice that many of them chase goals without defining what success means to them.

If you don't know what success looks like for you, then today's episode is for you.

I am going to show you why its important to define your own success and then how to define your own success. 

I used to chase goals with a lot of ambition and after a lot of sacrifices I would make it to the destination and crush the goals I had set for myself. There was only one problem. I would not take the time to really celebrate, like it wasn't a big deal and then just get my eyes set on another goal, bigger than last time. I started to loathe goal setting and I was not feeling good in the process either.

Can you relate?

Then I learned the concept of "defining what success means to me" ...something personal to me. Not a concept or definition of someone else...which left to default can be about materialism (Money, Status, Brand Names, having a certain body figure, having a certain skin tone etc.) and the thing with materialism is that its never enough and it doesn't fulfill you!

For me, I define success by being "Lit-up in my work", "practicing courage in my everyday life, taking risk and making mistakes", and "feeling excited serving my audience"...NOTICE this doesn't include a money figure, its not about hitting a certain weight goal....its focused more on the process and FEELING GOOD.

Check out the video above on how to define your own success.

Let us know below which tip you will be applying and what is the new definition of your success.