How to attract the RIGHT opportunities?


About 6 years ago, I heard this phrase that Luck = Preperation + Opportunity. I loved it the moment I heard it. I also knew that "Opportunity" is what will be provided when I am truly ready. And "Preperation" was something that I could do. Ever since I started Nav Scheie Coaching business, I've been in love. In love with "Preparing" my mindset, skills, abilities, confidence, courage and faith muscles.

And it's not been EASY. It's been FUN. Actually a blast!!!

Sounds so cliche but its true. Personally easy routes don't interest me. Growth interests me. Challenge interests me.

Opportunities just keep on coming!! (Thank you Universe, you are so loving). I have had a very special opportunity come my way recently, I didn't go "looking" for it. It just kinda snuck in and said "I'm ready for you". Come. Let's go!! And life just got uplifted in a beautiful way!! I can't wait to tell you more.

I just know from my heart, It just FITS and I'm ridiculously excited. Ps. When I'm ridiculously excited, mountains move.

So stay tuned bec your lives are about to improve in 2017 naturally and effortlessly.

Big love.