How did I get here?

The view from my office. Feb 2017. Annual goal to have a work-ation (work + vacation) from Mexico (CHECK! :))

The view from my office. Feb 2017. Annual goal to have a work-ation (work + vacation) from Mexico (CHECK! :))

"How did I get here?"is the question most of my clients - professional women ask themselves sitting at work, absolutely unengaged at work, unfulfilled in their marriages or Relationships. 3 years ago, I asked myself the same question.  

What the hell happened that I got here? I work my ass off, I am always giving, giving, giving to others and I just feel so shitty inside. Sure I had a good job that pays the bills, I had a fancy title behind my name but I just felt super unfulfilled. You know what I mean? 

The thought that I could do so much more nagged me everyday. I hated Sunday afternoon anxiety attacks, I hated complaining about my job to my friends. I hated the heaviness I felt going to work being in the elevator with all the people...I felt trapped.

I knew I had to change. Then fear would set in. Can I actually do it?? Could I follow through and not have a resignation remorse?? Could I? My mind had doubts up, it churned my stomach. The absolute worst case scenario went through my head in circles. 


My dad said to me, " Go out and fly! You got so much potential". I high fived him and left the corporate job. 

 (Disclaimer: I have a great relationship with my boss. I love her.  I believe in relationships. Absolutely. We still meet for lunch. But corporate govt job just wasn't for me. Full respect to everyone working there and loving it.) You have got to do YOU.

Today, it's not even 3 years and I'm having tears in my eyes (yes, tears of joy) knowing that I have manifested my dream life. That's why I wanna write this post and tell professional women there is NO FUCKING NEED TO STRUGGLE.  Follow what tugs and your heart and take a tiny tiny step towards what your dream life could be. 

I have had faith when I was really being tested. Have faith in the creator that put you on earth. Have faith in myself. Support from so many people. My coaches. All the great ones and not so good ones.  I've learned from everyone.

As a professional NLP Master Coach, I can take you to your new life with CREATING LONG LASTING changes where your friends and books won't take you. 

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