I'm in the Coaching business because I love supporting people through incredible transformations. Here are just a few people I've worked with and what they've said about their journey. 


Nav's Career Coaching program kicks ass! Literally and figuratively. The results I got far exceed the investment required. She really pays attention to what you need most (looking at my blind spots) and giving me a compassionate space to open up. Nav's energy is incredible because she teaches from her "tried and true" methods as she teaches from experiences. She walks her talk.  After every interaction with her, I felt so alive and ready to tackle anything.  Nav has a true gift for coaching and getting you to your place of HAPPY. She refrains to give advice but rather asks you thought provoking questions to get you in action. I made the switch into a job which is aligned with me (FINALLY!!) and I am in a state of Flow. Thank you Nav, You are a best kept secret!

- Career Coaching Client, BC, Canada

Before coaching I struggled with 2 main issues: 1) Unclear career path as I was about to graduate from university. 2) Lack of trust and confidence in myself - I was at a very tough place personally having gone through a breakup. 

My biggest results: 1) Coaching also played a critical role in helping me define the career path that I am excited to pursue. I know clearly what my ideal management type is, my unique passions, my ideal job, and what motivates me to do my best work. I have found my dream job and I am looking forward to sharing my passions in this new job! 

2) Nav’s coaching has allowed me to uncover my purpose and to define the values that drive me as a person and as a professional. Coaching also helped me realize that I am who I choose to be and every day I have the power and the ability to make that choice. 

I am moving forward with: I am in charge of my future, I am responsible for my own happiness and I am capable of greatness.

Out of a score of 1-10, Nav gets a 10, I highly recommend working with Nav if you are struggling too!

Moving forward to the next phase of my career/life, I am feeling: Confident, excited, full of passion and with 1- word intention: Mindfulness. 


Nav is a totally engaging individual who is non-threatening and was able to help me focus in on what my immediate and long term goals ought to be or should be, based on my priorities for the future. Nav can zero in on exactly how and when to address personal issues and certainly assisted me in relation to taking potential action steps and evaluating whether or how I would know if I accomplished what I set out to do. Nav's coaching is deliberate and thoughtful and always seems to reinforce positive self-change without referring to past failures or negative experiences. My personal impression of Nav is that she is certainly passionate about her coaching and genuinely cares about her clients.

Earl Bubis, Social Worker, Edmonton, AB

I was struggling with: Overwhelm, feeling isolated - no networks and Feeling scattered - doing too many things at once, not giving deadlines, and also being afraid to commit. I didn’t think a career would even be possible for me, considering how I invested in so many things at once or saw my passion in my current job just die.

Results I got working with Nav were: I now commit time to take care of my emotions because I learned that balancing my emotions with my dreams is possible. I received career advice and confronted some strong emotions during this course, it was hard, but I’m glad I had your support to let go of emotions that don’t serve me.

I have learned to make time for what matters to me - self-reflection, to reach for desires rather than goals And also be focused on giving deadlines to have things done. Moving forward, I am feeling confident. 

Melissa Shu, Edmonton, AB

Before coaching, I was struggling with: 1) Lack of career focus 2) General lack of confidence (introverted and a downer mindset) 3) Highly imbalanced in work-life balance 4) not enjoying life

Results I got working with Nav: 1) I have crystal clear career direction not just for now but also have specific career goals that I am excited to pursue for the coming 3-5 years 2) Increased confidence when it comes to networking. 3) I have learned a holistic approach to managing work and life through taking up good habits, upholding personal values, and appreciating myself.

I would rate Nav’s coaching at a level of 10, her coaching will help you shift your mindset and set up in the direction of your career dream and life. 

Moving forward to the next phase of my career/life journey I'm feeling: Excited, and Optimistic. More invigorated to take on world! 

Amy Strilchuk, Vancouver, BC

Before I took coaching with Nav, I wasn’t clear on what I wanted from my career. I’m a creative person and had a few ideas on what I could/should do next, but didn't know how to pick a path that would serve me the most. I was also struggling with centering myself and building inner resilience to get me through challenging times. 

After working with Nav, I saw so many improvements in my career and life, overall. After getting clear on the types of jobs and environments I am most likely to thrive in, I sought out and started a new job - one that is completely aligned with my values and goals. I have also noticed a big shift in my attitude and energy. I am happier, centered, and practice small routines that often have a big, positive pay-off! I feel grounded and confident;  my spirit is supported, my ego is quieter, and I’m excitedly taking action towards my goals. I feel like the best, most positive and grounded of me I could imagine. Even when I still feel stuck or confused sometimes, I use the tools learned through coaching to get unstuck and move in a more positive, confident, loving direction. I now know what I want, how to get there, and what to do if I hit obstacles along the way. How amazing is that!?!? Thank you so much, Nav. You are truly one of the best blessings I could have ever hoped for. 

Amy Strilchuk, Vancouver, BC

Brad shares his experience after the 5 month Career Coaching Program and the program's impact on his life. 

Brad, Edmonton, AB 

Coaching sessions with Nav were formatted in an easy flowing manner. She always provided assistance in clarifying the questions so it helped me in getting clear understanding of my own answers. Whenever during the sessions I was feeling stuck, she always asked powerful questions that were “thinkers” and made me reflect on what I really wanted in my life. The coach was most helpful to me as she was honest in her opinion and advice. She also encouraged me to be realistic about my goals and provided me with amazing ideas to try. Since taking coaching with Nav, I not only have achieved my goal of being more social but now that coaching is over, I still am and will continue to be more social in my life. This has changed my life because I have been more in touch with my friends and getting out of the house and do something. I would wholeheartedly recommend Nav’s coaching to family and friends.

I enjoyed working with Nav as a coach. She is so kind and genuinely cares for her clients. Nav was enthusiastic throughout our time together and engaged during our conversations over Skype. She was able to keep our meeting focused on coaching matters and came to each session prepared. The conversations followed my lead based on what I had mentioned in my pre-session forms as being important to me. Nav was able to give suggestions and guidance while I created goals that I wanted to achieve; both in personal and professional aspects of my life.  Nav was supportive as I worked towards reaching them and celebrated small successes with me as I achieved them.

Hailey., Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

I've had several takeaways from being coached by Nav. Firstly, I am so happy to have been introduced to journal writing. It is one of my favorite practices of the program, and I can't thank Nav enough for introducing this practice to me! Another takeaway is learning that life isn't always about getting my to-do list over and done with. I've learned that I need to make time for things that I enjoy and that make me happy. These things should be higher in priority.

Before our coaching sessions, I knew I wanted to change, but I had a hard time understanding who I was and how I wanted to change. Through coaching exercises and the questions Nav asked me, I was able to dig deeper in terms of my life purpose and on my values. The results I received through this program is that I am now clearer than I have ever been about where my career is headed.

Moving forward to the next phase of my career/life journey I'm feeling hopeful and optimistic. Overall, this was an extremely positive experience and I'm so happy to have been coached by Nav :). 

I would recommend her services to anyone struggling with self-identity or with their career.

Career Coaching, Past client, Edmonton, AB