Want to feel good more than you want to check accomplishments off your list?
Want to feel good more than you want to please other people?
Want to feel good more than you want to look good?

Just want to feel good.
This is what it means to have Soul-centered goals.

They are life-affirming intentions and heart-lifting wishes.

Plans that are ever expansive and liberating.

Do you fall into the I-hate-goals-and-I-refuse-to-set-them category?

Don't worry there are many of us. After all, using the traditional methods of setting goals setting never worked for me. Now I don't set goals, I create vision, mission and daily list to feel good! 

This is an opportunity to help you consciously choose your preferred vocabulary around goal setting -- in a language that resonates.

We will answer questions like these:

How do you want to feel when you look at your schedule for the week?

When you get dressed in the morning?

When you walk through the door of your studio or your office?

When you pick up the phone?

When you cash the check, accept the award, finish your masterpiece, make the sale, or fall in love?

How do you want to feel?

Join us:

When: Saturday Aug 6, 2016

Where: TBD (Join the newsletter to stay updated)

What will be provided:

  • Desire Map Workbook to reflect in and take home

  • Set goals with soul, a plan for the next 6 months

  • Safe space to discuss what is keeping you "mediocre" in life

  • A kick as community of like-minded women.

  • Snacks, Juice, Water, Tea, Coffee will be provided.

  • You will be sent home with feeling centered, seen, heard, organized, inspired and joyful. 

  • You will also go home with some self-care items :)

Investment: $177 + Taxes OR Register yourself and a friend together and save 20% (value: $157 each)

Desire Map Workshop Level 2 tickets